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zany artist
2007-07-23, 6:09pm
WOW! I wanted some Lemon Ice after I saw what y'all are doing with it and Terra; went to Flamekissed Glass website & saw the pineapple sparkle and tangerine I ordered some of it from Reenie....along with Gelly Pink, River Rock, Poppy, and clear vetro~and totally FORGOT to order my Lemon Ice~

So, I emailed to see if it had been sent yet........gave my phone #...

She graciously called, and I ordered Lemon Ice, Seashell Swirl, Streaky Sapphire (had to have it, it is my birthstone)
I think that's all I ordered today....LOL!

So I guess I have to wait a WHOLE TWO more days to get this order!!!!!!!! (Just Kidding! :biggrin: That is most excellent)

Anyway, she called and said she shipped it right away, and GUESS WHAT????
I got it two days after it was shipped! TODAY! YAY!Right after I talked to her on the phone!

We had the nicest lil chat (I know, I am really wordy here, but just like that in REAL life too.........) and she is way beyond the call of duty kinda gal!


zany artist
2007-07-24, 5:15am
I was so excited yesterday, I forgot to tell y'all the most wonderful things about buying from Flamekissed Glass:

The glass is shipped VERY securely not a scratch or mark on it when I recieved it:koolaid:

The shipping is FASST:cool:

It comes with a surprise of CANDY (always a plus in my book):-o

The shipping is FASST:cool:

Personalized service above and beyond the call of duty :-$

Company with high ethics and standards[-o<

Exceptional customer service:kiss:

Did I say the shipping was FASSST?:cool:

Fasst, friendly ethical secure personalized service~what more could you ask? :tigger:

Just Nancy
2007-07-24, 8:33am
Pineapple sparkle!?! I missed that. Wonder what else I missed. I got the tangerine sparkle, and the yellow ice. I didn't get the yellow ice to do a thing.

Candy?!? Must check box again. Seriously, I echo the customer service and packaging comments I've heard before.

zany artist
2007-07-26, 7:14pm
Second order two days!
I played a bit as soon as it came, will take pics tomorrow.... YELLOW(think I called it Lemon before) Ice and Terra...nice! :lol: I had a tiny bit of a rod left of Terra from the Fireflies giveaway-Jim gave us each two rods.Wish I had saved it ALL...but I DID order an assortment from DoubleHelix on the same day as I ordered this from Irene @ FlameKissed. My, I am a glass hog! (I have enough, but am liking variety!:-\" )

Still waiting for the Terra, but it has only been two days,lol!:hide:

Toni L.
2007-07-26, 9:42pm
AMEN SISTAS!! I ordered from Reenie for the first time about a week ago and it came fast as lightning! Excellent packaging, quick response, super fast shipping....YASOU!!!

2007-07-26, 11:03pm
Irene is great. I've been to her house and hand-picked my rods as well as ordered online. Flame Kissed Glass is my main supplier. I highly recommend her for your lampwork supplies!


2007-07-28, 9:46pm
River Rock, Seashell Swirl????? Never heard of these before. Who makes them? These names of glass though seem right up my alley. I'm PM'ing Irene now!

2007-07-28, 10:39pm
Irene has taken customer service to a level that others will have to take note of...............\\:D/

2007-07-30, 6:22pm
I couldn't agree more, Charlotte! I ordered a couple of dvds from Reenie on the 27th and they arrived in today's mail, 30th! I couldn't believe it!

Great communication and service! I will most certainly be a return shopper!

Thanks, Reenie!


2007-08-02, 2:54pm
:love: Order arrived in record time!!!! in perfect condition and not to mention the goodies in the box!
Many thanks Irene!!!!!!!

zany artist
2007-08-14, 9:26am
WOOOOO HOOOOOO! Third order from Reenie....Flame Kissed Glass.... and she beat the other order I made on the same day, again!

I ordered silver jewelry supplies, and her glass beat my silver order here!