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2007-08-15, 4:55pm
With the ISGB Gathering falling on the same weekend as the date we normally would hold the BASH we need to find another date. Some of my thoughts are:

A week before the Gathering just would not work
A week after the Gathering probably would not work either.

I am in the process of putting together a calender of all the shows in July and August, holidays etc and think that July might be ok.

Presently I am considering July 19th which is a couple weeks after the 4th of July holiday and three weeks before the Gathering.

So your thoughts please? Do you know of other shows that weekend? Can you think of some other dates? Do you like these dates?

Next year the BASH should be renamed "Bigger and Better BASH".


mike f

Beyond the Bead
2007-08-15, 5:24pm
It will be nice to be able to have a few weeks to $recoup$ between the BASH and the Gathering!
I know the Puget Sound Bead Festival is usually the week before your suggested date, and I will choose your event over the PSBF (I won't be able to get "up there" two weekends in a row).

Thanks for thinking of this!

2007-08-15, 6:23pm
July would be fabulous!

2007-08-15, 8:14pm
Mid-July would be great!! That way I don't have to choose between the Edmonton Folk Festival and the Bash!

2007-08-17, 11:20am
this time i AM coming!!!...

lock up your sharks...


Paul Ewing
2007-08-17, 11:26am
Some time when Angelique can't go! :hide:

2007-08-17, 12:01pm
:poke: It's not like I spent a LOT of YOUR money. NO comment on how much of mine I spent though. :-\" :twisted: You'd think he would like the fact that I bought him boro, DVDs and tools. :roll: Thanks, Angelique

Some time when Angelique can't go! :hide:

2007-08-21, 8:43pm
JULY!!!! sounds great :D

2007-08-21, 9:30pm
Ya July,
Now we don't have to wait as long this year.

2007-09-16, 3:45pm
definitely July. I was so sad to miss it this year!