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2007-08-28, 1:42pm
Just a note with some thanks:

A.) to Jon and Renate at LB Supplys for making a Lauscha glass sample-pack part of one of their deals earlier this year. After playing with that pack, I was more interested in the glass and looked for more about it.

B.) To Carol Anne, who made herself available to me during my recent trip to Germany. She was a great source of information for booking my trip to Lauscha from Berlin, and spent a lot of her own free time making sure I was entertained while I was in town. She seems to know everyone there is to know in that little town, and through her connections, I was able to meet and watch some truly incredible glass artists create beautiful things. She's also funny, warm, friendly and smart. I will happily count her as a friend, and look forward to seeing her again when I head back that way in the future.

C.) To the town of Lauscha, the people I met there, and everybody at the Farbglashuette. I was made welcome everywhere I went, and I had a truly fabulous time. The town itself is beautiful, outside of all the glass, and I have some lovely pictures of the houses and slopes I can't wait to share. I would go again in a heartbeat. (My only regret was not having more money and time to spend there, which is not to say that the accomodations are expensive, because they aren't. Even a limited budget will grant you a good time, and Carol Anne knows some great deals on food and rooms.) I'm working on getting my mother over to visit. She'll love the place. We'll see if she can handle the hills.

Seriously, if you get a chance to go hang out with Carol Anne and meet her wonderful friends, do it. Take some comfortable walking shoes and some empty bags to fill.

2007-08-28, 4:05pm
How I wish I could visit CaroAnne and the people of Lauscha.
I guess for and phone is going to have to be enough!
I would love to see some pictures you have of the town and just the mountainside and homes.
I have google pro and went to the factory "virtually" It looked so serene. I wish I was there.

2007-08-29, 5:56am
I will have to do that sometime when I am back in Deutschland.... Lausha here I come!

2007-08-29, 8:24am
Reenie, I'll get some up on Flickr when I get my home computer and the camera dock unpacked. (I have been home two days and am still living out of suitcases. I suck.) The town is just gorgeous. "Cheerfully serene", is how it felt to me.