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2007-09-17, 7:48am
I've been trying to get on the Frantz site all weekend and today to order and nada. I can't get on. Is it just me?

2007-09-17, 7:51am
I think I read somewhere that they were having trouble with the site. I can't remember the post though.

2007-09-17, 9:18am
I never order off their website, as it seems to have to many problems

west coast time they aren't open yet today....its not even ten here on the west coast.

try calling them in about forty five min.

2007-09-17, 1:07pm
I thought I read previously that they were moving 5 hard drives. They may have come into some problems and were not ready to load content onto the server as quickly as they had anticipated. I'm sure you could call them with an order.

2007-09-20, 10:57am
Our website is up but our customization will take a few days which allows you to use decimals or fractions of a pound. You can place an order and put a note that says you only want 1/4 pound instead of the 1 lb the computer allows. This problem should be fixed within a day or so?

We are working on a new website, user friendly, most difference are ok or great, a few bad, but not for you....for us...more work...for you easy and that works for us.

mike frantz

2007-09-20, 1:20pm
Boy, Mike, bet you are sick of computers by now!


2007-09-21, 11:56am
I can get in. But I when I click on something it sits there, and sits there, and sits there, and...well...I guess you get the idea.

2007-09-23, 9:22am
Still unable to log onto Frantz. Bummer Mike...and I had my credit card burning a hole....:-) Hope you get it fixed soon. Best wishes!

Cherine Perrin
2007-09-23, 6:23pm
Not working for me either. Damn.

2007-09-24, 9:50am
As of this moment on Monday, we have our computers running and our website is up as well. I keep my fingers crossed!

mike frantz

2007-09-25, 2:34pm
That would still be a 'no' from me. Can't get in. I can get into the Torch but not to the website. Damn it.


2007-09-25, 5:32pm
We are still having problems with our website (webbite). We are still working on a new website. Our computers seem to work ok for taking orders and printing invoices, but as soon as we enable our website we have until we get a new website or until the webmasters (webbastards) fix our problem we will be turning off our website from 8AM til 4:30PMMonday thru Friday. For those of you on the East Coast our website would be up (your time) from 7:30PM until 11:00AM. Our website would be enabled all weekend.

I apologize for this problem, but there is nothing else we can do while we are fixing that which sucks and waiting for our new user friendly website which should be up soon!

As far as those who submitted names for two of the new 9 colors, the winners will be picked soon.............drum roll please.

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mike frantz