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cheeky monkey
2008-01-03, 5:33am
Should keywords for a web site be different for all the pages or can you just use the same keywords on all of them? i have seen people do both ways. My understanding was that the keywords should be specific to the page, example: "classes" would be listed as a keyword on the page where you talk about your teaching schedule. What do you experts think?

Paul Ewing
2008-01-03, 6:21am
The keywords should be unique to each page. In practice though, it doesn't really matter since most major search engines do not bother with the meta keywords tag because of extreme abuse years ago. About their only use is if you are going to create an onsite search feature.

You should still think in terms of keywords or more importantly key phrases when designing your pages as a whole. Use the terms in your text, headings, title, and description.


cheeky monkey
2008-01-03, 10:20am
Thanks Paul - you seem to be always there for me :waving:

I had heard the same about the tags and that they were more important years ago. But then I still see some sites on web desgin that say it is soooooo important to do or else the search engines never find you. So I thought I would check with my friends here at LE!

Appreciate your help.............