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2008-04-21, 2:01pm
I wrote a tutorial about making these cut disk beads, which Deanna Griffin Dove kindly published on her website. If you want to learn how to make them- and there are actually two different methods- here's the link.

And Deanna's new book is coming out soon about encasing- you can find out about that in the book section of her website.
Let me know what you think, and if you want to post your pictures here, I'd love to see them.

2008-04-21, 2:05pm
OK, so I can't see the pictures- can anyone else? I wanted to just send them from my computer, but was only given the option of getting them off the web, so I put them on flickr. Now they don't seem to be here.

2008-04-21, 2:22pm
I can't see them.

2008-04-21, 5:25pm
Fixed! Hooray!
Thanks squid- I'm never sure if it's just my computer.

2008-04-21, 5:58pm
there's one pic still missing. :) But the rest are really cool.

2008-04-22, 11:01am
So there is! I saw that x and just ignored it!

2008-04-28, 2:27pm
Ok, has anyone gone to look at the tut? Looks like folks are opening this thread, but I don't know what anyone thinks! Is it ok to put the pics here, and then lead you somewhere else? Just didn't want to redo the whole thing.

2008-04-28, 3:04pm
Last time I checked the tut I couldn't see any pictures. They're there now, and it makes all the difference for me. Very good tut, so I'm printing it and will try making some when we come back from vacation. Thanks for sharing it!

Alison D
2008-04-29, 5:47pm
This looks like fun. Thanks for the tut it is very clear and easy to understand. Can't wait to try it.


2008-04-29, 5:52pm
very easy to understand.......and i like the effect you get.....very organic...

2008-05-02, 8:11am
I printed out the instructions and ordered the new book as well.
Your beads are beautiful, the instructions are clear.

2008-05-04, 7:18am
Thanks to all of you for your comments. Glad it made good sense. Storm, it is very organic- that seems to be what I'm always drawn to. It's not that I can't do those nicely placed dots, it's just not really my thang. Most of the inspiration for my work comes from pictures of the natural world. I love to try and imitate things like fish skin, water, and earth formations.

2008-05-04, 7:23am
Oh, I forgot, you can also make more than one disk on the same bead and cut it- that's what I did on the second bead pictured here. And you can make vertical lines, build them up and cut them, or even wrap the beads in a spiral of different colors and cut that randomly. I also love to add that little bit of random frit, or randomly placed dots at the top of it all before melting. You never know quite what they will look like, which I love.

2008-05-04, 8:25am
I took a class from Laurie in Little Rock and these beads are so fun to make!
Here's a couple of old pics of Lentils I did after I got back from the class (Boro) --
Hi Laurie -- where are you teaching now that Chameleon is closed?


2008-05-15, 12:27pm
The only place I have to teach now is at home! Those look like folded beads, yes? I love the stripey background.

2008-05-15, 12:51pm
Yes they were folded I believe! Sorry to hijack the thread, but they do have some similarities.

2008-06-09, 2:12pm
Just stopping in to see if anyone has tried this and wants to post pics- guess I need to do it myself!

2008-06-10, 11:39am
Looks like a great tut. Thanks for sharing.

2008-06-10, 11:47am
Thank you for the tute Laurie! I am going to try this technique as soon as I get over this very nasty cold. I really like the effect Lana's striped bead got. How did she do that? Thanks for sharing this!

Carols Glass
2008-06-11, 11:18am
I really apreciate this tutorial and these beads are so much fun to make!!! Thanks

2008-06-11, 11:48am
Laurie will probably pop in here -- but this is how she showed me -- after you add the disc to your base bead, you will heat a fourth of the disc on one side and push it towards the base bead to the right with your pick. Then move to the next fourth of the disc and push it towards the left side, alternating till you have your disc pressed towards the ends in an alternating fashion, right, left, right, left. Keep melting and pressing till each side is pressed down on the base. Then you can melt in the entire thing. The shapes on the bead result from winding a few different colored rings on the disc.

Hope this is clear as mud. . .

If you meant the plain striped one, I just used Momka's silver Aqua striped cane (boro) and wound it around the base of clear and pressed into a lentil press. I'm sure it would work with any striped but not twisted cane in soft glass.

2008-06-11, 1:10pm
Thank you Lana! I meant the stripes on the bead. I REALLY like the way the even little stripes poke out from the folded part. Maybe I'll try pulling a striped (not twisted) cane out of 104. I've never tried it but it looks cool :)