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2005-12-10, 5:26am
I had the chance to go to Generations Glass yesterday and meet Kristian Turley and his wife and had a great time! I'm quite sure they were worn out after I left with all my questions and chatter but Kristian just kept laughing and helping me out with my launch into boro. They have a great sale going on and I am definately recommending them to anyone and everyone!

Thank you very, very much!

Martha Hufham
Carolina Dream Designs

Dwaine Scum
2005-12-11, 5:36am
Kristian is awesome!!

Mr. Smiley
2005-12-11, 2:09pm
Generations does rock! Good people! :D

2005-12-14, 1:43pm
I am headed up there tomorrow - I can't wait!

2005-12-16, 7:21am
Kristian was a delight to meet. He had some BIG!!! torches set up. Scary actually. It was fun looking at all the glass and he didn't seem upset that we were keeping him from getting things shipped out.

I hope his dream comes true and he is able to expand to larger facilities and have a teaching environment set up on this side of the state. It's fun to receive glass packages in the mail but it was so much more fun to go touch the glass for myself and pick each rod. It made my Christmas shopping much more memorable.

Thanks Kristian!!!!! You Rock!:biggrin:

Dwaine Scum
2005-12-17, 4:43pm
HEY!! you sould have called me, I'd would have taught you something!!

2005-12-18, 7:52am

It was a joy having you guys come by, and always a pleasure to meet people from the boards and get to talk about glass.

Anyone is more than welcome to come by.

2005-12-18, 2:02pm
Dwaine, how close are you to Kristian? Or, how close are you to Wilmington?

Dwaine Scum
2005-12-25, 2:20am
I am approx 20 minuts MAX from Kristian, but hes always beating me with a broken fanbelt, saying i'm in the way, scaring away his real customers.....

Just kidding, Kristian is the least violent person I have ever met. and Generations is an awesome store.

2005-12-29, 4:54pm
OK I went back - I can't help it - the glass is "ON SALE" after all! If there was room for my dogs, we'd all go camp out to watch them play on the big cannons and poke my noses into all the corners for good finds.

As usual, I was met with lovely service, great advice and a good time! Even my boyfriend seemed to to enjoy hanging out while I pulled glass and he's a wood person!

This could be very, very dangerous!

Thank you Kristian and company!


2005-12-30, 10:13pm
I did not even see this post until I got back from MY visit today to Generations Glass...i was watching the ads and had to check out that sale. I am not yet into boro, but I had a great time actually touching and picking the Effetre rods I wanted (spent ALL of my Christmas gift money there today). REALLY, really nice people and fab customer service! Martha and Jodie...I too am waiting and hoping for a set up where I can use different torches.