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2008-07-20, 7:06am
I just finished searching this topic, and couldn't find anything.

So, when you list beads for sale, how do you track that (and its pictures) -- so that you have an accurate record of what you sold, and have up for sale??

My husband was recommending a database, but that seems like a LOT of work.


2008-07-20, 9:00am
What I do is give every set of beads a number. At the beginning of every year I start at 001 (each year has a unique folder, so I can use the same numbers as long as I keep them in different folders). Each picture is then given the corresponding number I've assisgned the beads. I then store each set in a white block 4X3 zipper seal bag with the number on it.

To keep track of sales, I keep 2 Excel spreadsheets -- one called Pending and one called Completed. Within the Completed document, every month has a separate worksheet. At the beginning of every year, I start a new Completed Excel document.

My system works great for me. If someone asks me about a set they bought from me 2 years ago, I can look it up and answer their questions, make matching beads, etc.


Curly Irish Girl
2008-07-20, 9:20am
My process is pretty much the same as Candy's.....other than I have an Excel document for each year and have the Available/Pending/Completed portions as individual sheets on that single document (tabs at bottom). In addition, I have the photos on my website archived (sold) and also have a page that is not visible other than to me with sold items - that way I can transfer sold items with their number & image and have them available if I need to replicate a similar style.

2008-07-27, 6:11am
Same here, each bead or set gets a numbered baggie, photos in a folder with the same number for Etsy, listed in Excel spread sheet by their number. Moved to another sheet when sold. At the end of the year I close out the file and save it as a new one, I can total up my inventory for tax purposes.

The only thing I didn't do that I should have was to list that number some place in the Etsy add for that bead. I give each bead a name in Etsy and that is listed in the file with the description of the bead but it would have been much easier to have the number there.

What amazes me is that I'm up to #125. I have lots of beads that didn't make it to the recording stage. I think I may bundle them up and try to sell them as orphans....LOL If it wasn't for the darn bead release I would fuse them down in to flat melts and cut them up for cabs or pendants. They make really pretty fused cabs. But I digress......

2008-07-27, 8:02am
Thank-you everyone. Excel sounds like a good idea. :)