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UndertheSun 2007-05-29 3:21pm

Hose Help for Hot Head!
So I have read all three pages of "bulk fuel" threads for a hot head and I still have a question!
I thought I did all my research and was ready to continue with this set up but I hit a wall. I have a 20# BBQ style MAPP gas from the local welding supply. It is actually MAPP brand gas, NOT propane. I asked the welding shop owner for a T grade hose to attach the tank to the torch. He didn't have "T" grade hose. Anyway, to make a looonnngg story, very short... I just called every place I thought might carry a hose, including Glass Crafters, More Hose etc and no one has "T" grade, which is what I thought I read that I needed. So CR Loo has a "mapp rated" hose for $24.00 (12ft) all she could tell me is that it is rated for Mapp gas, no markings on the hose and no grade. Sundance has a bulk hose for the hot head and is $42.00 (12ft) and they told me today that is is NOT ok for Mapp gas only for propane and they do not know what grade it is!

I just want the correct hose:x !

So, is anyone using bulk MAPP gas and if so where did you purchase the hose???

I'm sooo ready just to go buy a case of 1# Mapp and call it a day!

Holly 2007-05-29 6:09pm

Check out this thread by Dale:

UndertheSun 2007-05-29 6:28pm

Hi Holly,
Thanks for the link, I have read that article by Dale so many times over the last week, I almost have it memorized! But I'm still confused by all the different information. I think my breaking point was today when CR&Loo told me the Mapp rated hose was less expensive than common propane hose.

I'm just wondering what grade hose others using bulk Mapp gas use.... and where they purchased it!!


I think I'm driving my DH nuts over this! His suggestion was to purchase the hose from CR&Loo. But they could not tell me what grade it was today when I called!

P.S. Thanks Dale!!

Dale M. 2007-05-29 7:20pm

Any propane approved hose is acceptable ....Only welding industry subscribes to the "T" or "R" ratings....

Go to local sporting goods store (Sears- Wal Mart - Big 5) and get hose for LP gas camp gear... Look on hose itself for nomenclature stamped or embossed directly onto hose.... Should say things like "LPG or Propane Approved" and "Working Pressure 300 PSI" and "UL Approved"... As long as its LPG approved its good for MAPP gas.

The "T" rating for a hose just means its acceptable for "all' fuels... A "R" or "RM" rated hose is ACETYLENE ONLY.....

There are literally dozens of sources on Internet for the hose you are searching for.


UndertheSun 2007-05-29 7:35pm

Thank You!

Reenie 2007-05-30 2:14am

You can get the hose at any RV store....We got our there and it's just perfect! Just tell them what you're doing with it and they should set you up. If you still have problems, let me know and I can pick up one here and ship it to you:-)

UndertheSun 2007-05-30 12:49pm

Hi Irene,
Thank you! I just found a RV store here that carries 6 foot of the correct hose! I'm off the pick one up now. :grin:

I'm a happy camper again!


lunamoonshadow 2007-06-01 10:08am

I just took my torch into the hardware store & made sure *it* fit the "non-tank-end" of the hose when I replaced my hose the last time...(for some reason, some of them didn't...dunno why?). No biggie.

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