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suzanne 2008-07-01 1:09am

July boro show and tell, bring em on!
My muse has taken off to mexico and is having tequila's on a beach somewhere, so I took out my boro glass again ( and that is why I love boro so much, no matter how bad your day is, the glass almost always looks good)

have a great day,


sunray 2008-07-01 9:57am

Nice.. Lots of pretty color!!!

suzanne 2008-07-01 10:55am

thank you!

chayes 2008-07-01 2:15pm

2 Attachment(s)
Here is a couple vessels and a improvised rod warmer.

suzanne 2008-07-01 9:41pm

Chris, those vessels are amazing, I love the one on the right, and what a cleaver idea to make your own rodwarmer out of glass!!

Sarabella 2008-07-02 5:44am

Suzanne - your beads always look yummy! Nice vessels & rod warmer Chris - I like the vessel on the left - neat colors.


samandsha 2008-07-02 2:18pm

Suzanne - LOVE those beads, they just glow. Nice job.
Chris - those vessels are awesome. I especially love the one with the lizard...way cool.

I may put this in show and tell pardon the cross post. Here's my lastest shell vessel set:

Mary K 2008-07-03 5:21pm

Little Mermaids
I sea I"m not the only one who longs for the Sea.

Mermaids at the request of my friend Susan.

sandree 2008-07-03 5:30pm

I just saw the sea on my seashore vacation...


sandree 2008-07-03 5:31pm

Oops - that was supposed to be two different seashore beads.


suzanne 2008-07-03 10:32pm

Sandy those are great! Btw I received my stuff the other week, it's fabulous!!!

Kalera 2008-07-03 11:40pm

Such lovely boro, you guys!

Here are a couple of mine:

suzanne 2008-07-03 11:41pm

Kalera , love the bottom ones, they look like a reef:)

Kalera 2008-07-03 11:50pm

Thank you! :D

pierces*designs 2008-07-04 6:32am

I have a few to share!

pierces*designs 2008-07-04 6:34am

Kalera I love those bottom ones too!

Everyone has gorgeous stuff!

Sandree, those are very reminiscent of an ocean scene.

chameleon 2008-07-04 11:20am

there is lots of amazing work in here and i'm bit of a newbie at this boro lark so I hope you dont mind me posting these, they are big hole beads that i am putting silver cores in -

pierces*designs 2008-07-04 3:54pm

Becky, where's your pic?

Kim V 2008-07-04 5:59pm

I was fortunate to be able to take a class with John Kobuki last weekend. Here are a couple of the ones I made.....keep in mind that I don't DO marbles...shows what a good teacher he is!! If you ever get the opportunity to take a class with him, jump at it!! Now, don't go thinking that every one I did was ok....there are a couple that are "put away" :D :D :D

joebirder 2008-07-04 9:52pm

2 Attachment(s)
Great stuff everyone...

debgay 2008-07-05 4:45pm

Here are a couple of marbles I made in class

These are some things I did at home.

Three Muses Glass 2008-07-06 10:22am

Amazing work everybody!!! I've been playing around with boro again.:-)

playingwithfirebeads 2008-07-06 12:10pm

Those are awesome Deb. I wish I could have been there.


nagibeads 2008-07-06 12:53pm

Gorgeous gorgeous work everyone!! WOW!!
I am in awe!!!

dogsrlove 2008-07-06 8:55pm

A offering of Momka for July. . .


suzanne 2008-07-07 12:18pm

wow Vanessa, that first pendant looks like a human body, just beautiful!

nagibeads 2008-07-07 12:36pm

Vanessa-they're gorgeous!

dogsrlove 2008-07-07 4:49pm

Thanks friends!


menty666 2008-07-08 7:59am

Here's a little bottle I was playing around with the other night. I meant for the marble to sit deeper into the face but I got impatient :)

nagibeads 2008-07-09 7:16am

he's got an outie!
Very cool!
I love the contrast of color between the green and the red orange. Beautiful!
Also, the idea of the embedded marble is cool!

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