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G.L.McBead 2008-07-09 11:15am

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These are some I made awile ago,not sure if I posted or not

JeanneJ 2008-07-09 3:25pm

This is my first post here and my first boro post. I started working with it in January, and I love it!
A set of Alaskan thunder & clear frit, and I think the pendant is triple passion.
on a minor, tanked ( the torch, not me:grin:

debgay 2008-07-09 4:21pm

Cool bottle Tom.I was in class with you wasnt I? Beautiful beads and pendants I love Momka.

glassroger 2008-07-09 5:31pm

Here's a couple of new dragon pendants.

Thanks for looking!

menty666 2008-07-09 5:49pm

Yep Deb, that was me. It was lovely meeting you :)

Love the dragon pendants, Roger!

suzanne 2008-07-10 12:41am

Roger, those dragons are amazing, I had to go and bid on the queen:)

nagibeads 2008-07-10 6:57am

G.L.--cool set! Encased poke beads are always so pleasing! :-D

Jeanne--beautiful set! I love it! The pendant is beautiful too!!

Roger--WOW!! Your dragons are amazing!! I love them!!!

jjglass 2008-07-10 7:41am

Wow, nice work! Love the dragons Roger!

My first attempt at a jelly fish and dot box marbles:

Elegance_1 2008-07-10 8:13am

Everything here is absolutely lickable and fantastic! Now excuse me while I get something to wipe off my screen....

bclogan 2008-07-10 8:14am

Well, my stuff isn't near as nice as everyone else's but I'm mighty proud of it. After a year, I was FINALLY FINALLY able to make some plain round boro beads without burning off each and every mandrel... only shortened a couple of them...

The vast majority of these were made with NS Rust and Paula's Rainbow Sands frit. The colors aren't quite right - I need to work on my photography and Photoshop skills next...!

And of course, did some Pandora's....

As well as buttons....

And "regular" beads...

Kim V 2008-07-10 9:21am

Barbara, don't feel took me forever to be able to make simple round boro beads! I can sooooo understand!1
Speaking of simple, these are nothing elaborate, just some simple beads and spacers. I was playing with an experimental Momka color (got from Moretti and More on Etsy) and some Venbead frit. I also wanted to see how small I could get the spacers. I love the redish purple with a bluish haze. Wish the pictures weren't quite so dark and showed the true colors better.

Kim V
PS-Love what you all are doing....but I really LOVE the dragons!!!!!

Mary K 2008-07-10 9:49am

Roger your Dragons....OMG they are cool.
Here is my latest and last for a while, as I badly
burned my hand making it.

Slightly unfinished sea star.

nagibeads 2008-07-11 8:24am

jj--the jellyfish rocks! Love your marbles!!!

Barbara-beautiful beads! I love the pinky red set--nice color!

Kim-I love how the top 2 beads glow--just gorgeous!

Mary--I LOVE your starfish! It looks like it's dusted with sugar--beautiful! :koolaid::koolaid:

aimee 2008-07-11 10:12pm


Originally Posted by glassroger (Post 1950017)
Here's a couple of new dragon pendants.


suzanne 2008-07-12 2:45am

hands off Aimee... I want that one!

sandree 2008-07-12 6:10am

Jeanne - so glad you showed your work - looks great! JJglass - I love the jellyfish - I've always wondered how to do that - would you mind explaining? Wow - KimV - I am so jealous. I would love to take a class with John Kobuki - maybe someday!


Kim V 2008-07-12 8:01am

Sandy, thanks and if you ever get the chance grab it!! I used his technique yesterday to make some pics yet, maybe later today....I'm heading out to explore it again :D

aimee 2008-07-12 8:58am


Originally Posted by suzanne (Post 1953925)
hands off Aimee... I want that one!

HAHA!!! I saw you said you were bidding.

jjglass 2008-07-12 3:33pm

Hey Sandy, thanks :), and Kobuki rocks. nuff said.

For the jelly, I blew a bubble on a 30 mm medium wall tube and opened the end. I fumed the inside of the tube and drew a ring around the inside with a 4mm rod. I fumed it again and laid some lines down with a 2 mm and 4 mm rod. I close up the tube and start to condense it down. Once it is condensed and the bottom of the tube is near the top of the head, I use suction to pull the head together and draw the tentacles into the center of the body. At that point you have to rip off the jelly from the tube and finish up the marble. Hope this helps :)

Kim V 2008-07-13 1:37am

Here's one of the pendants that I made using JK's flowers technique. The others that I made all have way too many bubbles. :-( Today's focus at the torch will be to see if I can lessen the amount of those :-)

nagibeads 2008-07-13 7:26am


kiko 2008-07-13 7:33am

Kim, your marbles are GORGEOUS!!!! I was hoping to take John's class in ME but it wasn't in the cards. J. Love yours too and thanks for the tips on the jelly fish!!!! :-) lori

SonyaHusko 2008-07-13 9:13am

Kim, that pendant is beautiful! And I LOVE the dragons!!!

Here's a simple set of discs using an odd lot I got from Momka at the GAS conference vendors area. I'm in love! Of course I am, it's a glass I probably won't be able to get again, lol.

eej713 2008-07-13 2:47pm


Originally Posted by Mary K (Post 1950875)
Roger your Dragons....OMG they are cool.
Here is my latest and last for a while, as I badly
burned my hand making it.

Slightly unfinished sea star.

What's unfinished about it? That is simply the most realistic and awesome thing I have of these days, I hope to make things that good.

I ordered my oven and am working on getting a ventilation system and oxygen tanks....I hope to be set up by the end of the month. In the meantime, I'll continue to take lessons once a week. It will be so nice when I can say that I made things by myself. I'm picking up my glass I made last week in a split class/work session on Tuesday at my next class, and I can truthfully say that at least two or three (forget how many I made) I made all by myself, including the loop. I don't consider it truly mine, if my instructor does any of the finish work on it. I know I did at least two flower pendents which turned out great, and a encased flower (which I'm pretty sure didn't turn out the way I intended).

eej713 2008-07-13 2:51pm


Originally Posted by Kim V (Post 1955258)
Here's one of the pendants that I made using JK's flowers technique. The others that I made all have way too many bubbles. :-( Today's focus at the torch will be to see if I can lessen the amount of those :-)

Now that's the kind of thing I want to learn how to make. Who is JK and where can I find her/his technique? I tried something like that last week and I'm almost sure it did not turn out at all.

jjglass 2008-07-13 6:42pm

John Kobuki. He is a master of the compression style. you can go here to see his stuff:

If you ever get a chance, take a class with him, night and day difference afterwards plus he's just a good guy.

Kim V 2008-07-14 5:58am

Thanks for the kind words! Sonya, I LOVE those! Lori, too bad you couldn't come, it would have been fun to see you again.
Yes, JK is John fingers were being lazy :D
Kim V

nagibeads 2008-07-14 6:48am

Sonya--beautiful set! :koolaid::koolaid:
Momka is on a roll!

skookum 2008-07-14 6:59am

Wow good work everyone. Love the colors.

glassroger 2008-07-14 3:25pm

Thanks for the compliments on the dragons!

Ok Dragon fans, here's a new two headed dragon.


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