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kittyluv4ever 2008-07-24 1:41pm

She's probably right Cosmo, mine just turned 36 and he is still the biggest "toys 'r us" kid! And I wouldn't have him any other way!

nagibeads 2008-07-24 3:13pm


Originally Posted by Cosmo (Post 1975197)
If you grow up, you'll never be like me.

That's what my girlfriend says, anyways...


Coffeebean 2008-07-25 10:57am

ok this is like walking through a candy store! beautiful work everyone!!!!!

Afterdark 2008-07-30 7:47am

Ya hoo boro! Brandie- You've gone mad with the heat...Mymy love all the discs- I'm disc challenged so I can drool over those.
Amazing showcase for July- love the colors the unique pieces!

I've been a slacker but pulled the boro out again- (It's been a scorcher to torch the hard stuff) sorry beads only sat for a day before I whipped them up into a bracelet so your getting the whole thing.

littlecrowartglass 2008-07-30 8:09am

only been working boro for going on two weeks now but im in LOOOOOVE!!!!
the sculpted flowers are gold fumed!! whoohooooo I could never get the hang of that with old torch...

Afterdark 2008-07-30 9:18am

ow my....what lovelies are came up with! I'm very impressed with you Deb- but it won't be the first time. Great job on working the boro!!

ginkgoglass 2008-07-30 11:22am

Wow Deb those are amazazazing -- r u on tanks, liquid O2 or concentrators?

Chad, I want one of your marbles!

Trudi, those are some gorgeous blues in that bracelet.

Karen Hardy 2008-07-30 12:06pm


Originally Posted by littlecrowartglass (Post 1985188)

Beautiful work Deb! I've loved all your soft glass work, and your
boro work is stunning!

I have a quick color question for you. (if you don't mind) What is the color you
used for those gold/beige animal print beads in the center. The ones with the
black dots? I've been trying to duplicate that gold color to match a cloudy Citrine focal stone I have, and I've come close, but no banana.

teachertracey 2008-07-30 2:52pm

I really like that floral! The colors make it look hot to the touch. What is that glass?

littlecrowartglass 2008-07-30 3:24pm

thanks guys for the compliments.... I so dont know what the hell im doing yet all * whatever comes out of the kiln" thing right now....

I dont know exactly what color is on any of the do know i bought silver creek, purple thunder, DAP, silver beach, tequila sunrise, purple haze something or other, few blue lookin rods that came out lite yellow, some others id have to look up the I pulled stringers of everything i dabbed it swirled it and covered them with clear! :)

littlecrowartglass 2008-07-30 3:25pm

ohh using a minor and concentrator from hobbiesforus :)

nagibeads 2008-07-30 3:28pm

Gorgeous Gorgeous beads Deb and Trudi!!

teachertracey 2008-07-31 7:49pm

I bet it's Tequila Sunrise. But my TS never looks like that. :lol:

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