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kmd 2017-05-01 1:32am

Multiple plunge tool
Does any one know of a tool I remember seeing somewhere, years ago.
A kind of pin vice with holes to take a number of points to plunge into hot glass to make bubbles when encased. The points could be arranged in different ways.

dragonart glass 2017-05-01 6:56am

That's called a vin pin. You can use a flower frog (for holding flowers in a vase) but you can't arrange or rearrange the pins. With a vin pin you can remove or replace the pins for different patterns.

Speedslug 2017-05-01 7:55am

Do be mindful that flower frogs often have a heavy base sometimes made of lead.

You don't want to be heating lead up to molten glass temps because it will vaporize and lead fumes ( along with zinc which is the coating they use for galvanizing other metals ) are really bad for your health.

dwgrant 2017-05-03 10:51am

As per previous post, Vin Pin by Weaver industries. Sold by ArtCo and others.


SharonP 2017-05-03 11:11am

It's a great tool, and Artco has good customer service.

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