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bead crazy 2007-05-25 1:15am

Silver glass thread tips here without having to get it emailed to you
Here is the file I did with all the silver glass tips in it Thanks to Camie for putting it in PDF format so now you can just click on this and get it yourself with out having to wait for me to send it to you. I did add more to the file that I have but could not update this one. I will see if I can get it updated. later but until then this is all of what I sent to everyone else.
I hope it helps you all to have this on the bench as it has me

Sorry this is no longer avail. I lost my hard drive along with all this info

Here is the thread that I got all of the info from.

Also if you look at the the SE1-6 exchanges in the patio section it will give you tons of help Hayley puts these on. this is the current one

chrisdd 2007-05-25 4:36am

That was a lot of work; thanks so much!!!

flamemoth 2007-05-26 9:56pm

Thanks Lori! :love:

adee 2007-06-05 7:22pm

Very grateful! Thank you!!:love:

Smokeylady54 2007-07-05 7:56am

Thank You So Much

ryman 2007-07-05 9:32am

Very much appreciate you putting this together! Now I think I can work more extensively with this $$ glass without a fear of wasting it.

j-boat 2007-07-10 3:44pm

Oh my gosh, thanks for this!!

cheeky monkey 2007-07-10 5:09pm

wow!!! Thx :waving:

ebeads 2007-07-10 9:21pm

Thanks Lori! That was a lot of work.

jhana 2007-07-10 9:31pm

appreciate that-thanks!!

Tamara 2007-07-21 6:18am

This is great! I copied it out so I can take it with me when I go torch. I always panic and forget what I am supposed to do with the flame.

asimeral 2010-01-06 5:51pm

Does anyone still have this tute that they could send? The link doesn't work anymore. :(

Rudy 2010-01-06 6:06pm

Oh, I second that request....I can't open it either! (fingers crossed)

missbatteries 2010-01-06 6:10pm

Me too!

SharonP 2010-01-06 6:39pm

Me three... I didn't know Lori had done this, and would love to see it! *sharon*

Shrimp 2010-01-06 6:42pm

Me four!

blr2449 2010-01-06 7:11pm

Me, too!!

jewlie beads 2010-01-06 7:29pm

Yes! Me too!

Hayley 2010-01-06 7:30pm

I memory serves, Lori compiled the tips posted in this thread from couple of years ago:

bead crazy 2010-01-06 7:41pm

This is for old glass not the up to date ones. My computer crashed and I lost it. I am going to see if for my chance it is on my flash drive that I put stuff on when I was having issues.

Shrimp 2010-01-06 7:53pm

Hi Lori, That would be very kind of you. I don't know that I have any of the newer silver glasses. Just ones that came out a few years ago.

Hayley 2010-01-07 10:50am

I may have my own version somewhere (that's why I didn't take advantage of Lori's generous offer of sending hers) . . . let me look as well.

Tutti-frutti 2010-01-07 6:45pm

Lori, hope you pc gets a new life soon. since I would like to read that too.

JanithS 2010-01-08 10:15am

I can't open it either. I would really appreciate if somebody could send it to me as well.


gemsinbloom 2010-01-08 10:17am

I would love a copy too if someone finds it, thanks

Tutti-frutti 2010-01-13 1:41am

If you can send it out anymore are there ways of other receiver's to mail the tut to us. we would realy like to have some info on the glass . If that would be ok with you.
Thanks Katja

kitkat 2010-01-14 2:51pm

Can I say DITTO?

Purr-Sonalities Glass Art

glasslass2 2010-01-14 6:59pm

If anyone can get this together I'd really like to read it too.
Need lots of help with this.

sgp 2010-01-15 3:51am

Please include me in the "can't open and would like to read it too" group. I am a total beginning with silver glass and have quite a few old rods that I'd like to learn how to use!


bryntaran 2010-01-15 5:04am

Ditto ditto. I would really appreciate this info if anyone has it available and is able to e-mail it to me. Apparently there are quite a few of us who would love this info.

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