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msbeads 2020-03-10 10:09am

Bandhu Dunham & Roger Parramore classes in Las Vegas
Is anyone interested in the sold out workshop Roger Parramore's 'Mastering the Fundamentals' boro workshop on 4/1 or Bandhu Dunham's 'Well Planted' boro botanical workshop on 4/4 at the Glass Craft Bead Expo/ISGB Gathering in Las Vegas. Due to the corona virus, I can not attend and hope to sell my seats in those classes.

Roger Parramore's boro workshop description "Whether beginner or advanced, be ready to rethink glass, life, and the universe....this class takes students on a grand tour of flame working give students the tools to learn to work systematically and the knowledge to develop their own system."

Bandhu Dunham's boro workshop description "Plant making is a great way to learn and practice techniques, as well as improving design skills, self-organization and composition....Beginner/intermediate class....Your teacher has been blowing glass for almost 45 years." (He wrote the lampworking bible 'Contemporary Lampworking.')

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