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stafford.glassworks 2020-05-03 12:41pm

How to make Galaxy/ Swirl fume pendant
Could someone please do a tut or a demo on how to do these...?

Larysa 2020-05-03 7:10pm

There are some on youtube , I also saw one with the planet. Just search for galaxy lampwork .

istandalone24/7 2020-05-19 7:56am

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there's a few ways to get this effect, one way (the way i do it) is to take two pieces of simax flat rod (or regular round rod heated and squashed flat), i use 20mm punty up to each. fume one side of one piece, heat both pieces and sandwich the fume in-between the clear (optional, take a 2mm stringer and coat/case some of the fume and melt in before sandwiching). melt together (also optional to use clear stringer to encase the seam between the two sandwich halves) and punty up to both sides of sandwich. heat and twist. i usually lense the swirled puck, but it's also optional. usually the heating and cooling when working the piece is enough to provide a decent flame strike of the fume but flame or kiln striking makes the fume colors come out more. back the piece in a dark color, i use either dark cobalt or black most times. also adding an encased opal before lensing makes for a nice focal point.
i've attached a couple pics for example. the last two pics are done as i explained, but instead of fume, i used shaved, powdered silver, heated one piece of flat rod/sandwich half and pressed into a small pile of silver shavings.

Speedslug 2020-05-20 7:50pm

Nice work.

x1REBELUTION1x 2020-06-10 2:09pm

That's seriously just fume work? No colors beside the backing?? That's gorgeous...

istandalone24/7 2020-06-18 9:56am

just fume. the backs are either dark cobalt or black, with either dot stacks or rakes and swirls.

ginger2 2020-06-30 2:01am

Nice work!

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