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Rudy 2020-06-23 2:04pm

Reduction frit
Hi everyone,
I have 2oz jars of these Arrow Springs Reduction frit and I would like to know their value. I checked with arrow Springs and they don't carry it anymore. I also checked on Hot Glass with no luck. Anybody have an idea of their worth

Silver amethyst
Lilac red
Brilliant gold
Iris orange
Iris opal yellow
Iris green
Iris light blue
Sea green
Aqua blue silver
Copper ruby

MaMay 2020-06-27 2:19pm

Should be all Reichenbach reduction COE 96 frits.

Iris Orange (for example) is RAKU.

Most glass dealers carry Reichenbach 96 reduction frits.


Rudy 2020-06-27 4:27pm

Thank you!

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