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BuoyMom 2020-06-30 11:38am

Selling OxyCon. Value???
Hi yíall. I have an Unlimited Oxygen M-10 (10 lpm) that Iím thinking about selling. Anyone have an idea what price I should ask? Please forgive my ignorance, Iím not a lampworker, Iím a metalsmith. 10 lpm is more than I need for my Smith little torch. So far, the OxyCons that Iíve found for sale are smaller, usually about 5 lpm. So, I havenít been able to find something to compare for price. Thanks for the help!

PolychromeBeads 2020-06-30 11:48pm

I think there are a few factors, including condition, age, hours. I'm no expert! But I have been looking for one...where are you located?


BuoyMom 2020-07-01 4:11am

I’m in Wilmington, Delaware

PolychromeBeads 2020-07-01 10:10am

Well, darn - I'm in California! W-a-y too far! :lol:

I bought my last 10lpm machine for $500 - I've seen them on Craigs List for around that amount. The Garage Sale is a good place to find a buyer here.

Good luck!


bshelle 2020-07-01 6:21pm

I think the # of hours on it will make a difference too. Maybe check FB Marketplace in your area to see similar? Off the top of my head, a used 5lpm great deal for someone buying would be about 200. A 10lpm maybe 350ish?

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