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beadgoodies 2008-01-06 8:44am

Encased Layered Triangle Bead Tutorial
Here's how I make my encased triangle beads!

I used periwinkle, transparent dark purple and clear.

finished bead!

Some tips…

Start with a *small* base. These beads can get big without you realizing it! Remember, you’ll be thickly encasing it when you’re all done.

Keep your dots along the side edge of the bead, but not too close to the hole.

Always melt down the previous row completely before applying more glass.

To add depth, use twice as much transparent glass as opaque. This doesn’t mean make your transparent dots twice as big, however. Just add another row on top of the previous row. Like this:


Be creative and have fun!


xiola blue 2008-01-06 8:47am

Oh, Candy, thank you so much for such a good tutorial! I have been wanting to do these for a long time. The tut is perfect, clear and good looking too! xiola

Pat 2008-01-06 10:13am

Thanks Candy, that is a perfectly understandable tutorial. Your beads are lovely.

afina 2008-01-06 10:17am

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your trianglebeads are just wonderful! So generous to share and such good pictures in the tut!
Best regards, verena

hooked on glass 2008-01-06 10:23am

thank you, I will have to go and try this now! thanks so much

chrisdd 2008-01-06 10:58am

Thank you SO MUCH! This is such a simple, understandable tutorial.

twistedchicken 2008-01-06 11:00am

I've been wondering how those were done -- and i was just lamenting the time i spend surfing instead of doing my book work (i'm a great procrastinator!) but more than once i have stumbled on to that one thing that is way worth all the time! and today it was this!

thanks, thanks, thanks


twistedchicken 2008-01-06 11:01am

one question -- of course -- the green yellow red bead -- is that clear between the opaques?

thanks again, leslie

afina 2008-01-06 11:28am

It works!
I just made my fist layered triangle bead that I need not throw away *lol*! Thanks again!

Karen Hardy 2008-01-06 11:44am

This is a GREAT Tutorial!

Oh - and Candy's frits are OUTRAGEOUS! They rock and they look
GREAT on beads!

ginger2 2008-01-06 11:45am

Thanks for the great, clear, tutorial!8-) Nice pics, too! Now if I just has some good clear glass.....I've got two outstanding orders, but no clear on the way! Need I say, I don't have encasing down yet?:roll: Lovely beads!

Beadbug 2008-01-06 11:49am

Nice job with the tut. I always love to see tons of photos.

lldesigns 2008-01-06 12:44pm

Great tutorial!!! I've always wondered how those beads were made. Thanks!

marlabeads 2008-01-06 12:58pm

What a wonderful tutorial - thank you so much for sharing this with us!!!

ROC 2008-01-06 1:11pm

Cool and very pretty. Thanks for sharing! This will be fun to try.

theglasszone 2008-01-06 1:16pm

So, so pretty! Thank you...

DeAnne in CA

WildBird 2008-01-06 1:18pm

Oh thank you !!!! So kind and generous of you to share this. Hats off to you!!
Wildbird +< +< +< +<
+< +< "doing the happy chick dance!"

Beads-on-Toast 2008-01-06 1:31pm


I have been looking for this tutorial all my beading life.x

cadia 2008-01-06 1:50pm

What a perfectly done tut with great photos ~If I dont "get it " now I never will!

ekkc 2008-01-06 2:07pm

Thanks so much for the excellent tutorial! It is very well written and easy to let's see if I can finally make triangle beads! Thanks for sharing!!! :grin:

Maria Louisa 2008-01-06 2:21pm


Thank you. I'm sure going to try these. They are really beautiful.

Ekkie 2008-01-06 2:30pm

Thanks Candy. This is the best explanation I have seen of this bead. I'm trying it today. Just a shame about my dot placement - I'll have to practice that.

Thanks again

encantado 2008-01-06 3:14pm

Thanks for the great tutorial! I can't wait to give it a try!!!

rosebud101 2008-01-06 3:15pm

Candy, that is a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

beadgoodies 2008-01-06 6:40pm


Originally Posted by twistedchicken (Post 1569273)
one question -- of course -- the green yellow red bead -- is that clear between the opaques?

thanks again, leslie


Edited to say that I might have used trans emerald between the yellow and green. I'm not sure! I made that bead over 3 years ago.


Bruna 2008-01-06 6:58pm

amazing tutorial, and an amazingly generous lady to share it. :)

beadgoodies 2008-01-06 6:59pm

Another thing I didn't mention because I thought it was obvious, I guess, is that you can follow these same steps to make regular triangle beads.

+ =

First 3 steps, plus heavy encasing will make regular triangle beads. The only aspect that I would do differently is that I'd make the dots bigger so that they'd stretch from hole to hole after encasing.


ltsexpressions 2008-01-06 7:27pm

great tut!!!

Parrotise 2008-01-06 8:18pm

Wonderful tutorial! Thank you Candy=D>=D>=D>

StOrM 2008-01-06 9:59pm

thanks !!!! great tut.

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