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catsarthouse 2015-01-18 7:08pm

Picture taking
What advice do you have for taking pictures of beads?
I don't want to get cameras and photo set ups and still have fuzzy pictures. So before I jump into it I thought I would ask the experts here. Thank you in advance for your advice ;)

CheriB 2015-01-18 7:43pm

Check out The Dark Room under the Library section (same as this Tips, Techniques, and Questions). Reams of really good information . . .

dsglass 2015-01-19 11:17pm

For really sharp pictures, manual focus is best. A tripod and a remote will eliminate camera shake, and a macro lens will allow you to get in close.

Laura B 2015-01-25 10:20am

Diffused lighting
macro mode if you have a point an shoot camera

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