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rosebud101 2010-02-16 9:15am

Single Fathers and Butterflies
Is there a need for such a type of bead? If so, what colors would you recommend for this type of bead?

RSimmons 2010-02-16 10:23am

This is something that, to my knowledge, hasn't come up before. My first thought is that the colors would relate more to the child than the man. People tend to do more pastel-type colors for girls and darker colors for boys. I'm not intending to make a sexist statement, just an observation from seeing tons of beads. In the end I'm not sure that the color pattern of the butterfly matters so much as the butterfly itself and what it symbolizes.


rosebud101 2010-02-16 2:15pm

That makes sense, Robert. I was just thinking if a man wanted to wear it around his neck, he might not want pastel colors. I think you're right. Focusing on the child is best. Thanks.

RSimmons 2010-02-16 4:14pm

Dad's often want to wear the butterflies regardless of the design or color. I was kind of surprised at first, but it does make sense. It was a good question to ask - thanks.


LoriGreenberg 2010-02-18 10:58am

When I think of "man beads", I always think of tube beads on macrame'd hemp necklaces. I don't know why. That is one style of butterfly bead I've never seen...the horizontal tube bead. Could be interesting.

Etched seems like a more masculine design element to me too.

Just my thoughts.

rosebud101 2010-02-22 8:07pm

That's a great idea, Lori. I'll give it a try.

rosebud101 2010-02-22 8:07pm

Ooops! I almost forgot. I just need a definition of a term What do you mean by the term caretaker. Is it a parent? Is it a family member? Is it someone on staff at the hospital? I'm just wondering about this. Thanks.

RSimmons 2010-02-23 7:07am

I'm not sure of the context you are referring to, so it's a difficult question to answer directly. Often the term 'Caretaker' is used to describe someone on a child's primary care team - there are often quite a few people involved directly with the care of an individual child. That's the context in which I probably use the word most often. People also use it in the context of family or friends who help care for the child both in and out of the hospital setting.


rosebud101 2010-02-23 2:23pm

Thanks, Robert. I just didn't understand the term. That makes sense.

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