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Mina 2019-10-07 7:44am

Home fill stopped working
Iíve been using my home fill for about a year now. Iíve had no issues with it until my last two attempts to fill my k-tanks. The first time it almost filled them to the stop point but would fill no further. I tried to fill it two days ago and it would not fill at all. Any ideas what might be happening?

PennyLane 2019-10-16 6:46am

Mina, Sorry your having issues with the Homefill. No I can't answer your question, but consider posting in the FB group "Concentrated lampworking for adults" , your question, you might get a response. Check into other FB groups with the boro peeps, lot of knowledge to be found there.
I found a back-up homefill on craigslist, something to consider.

greghumphrey 2019-10-23 10:09am

Homefill problem
Is the concentrator that is supplying the oxygen putting out pure enough o2. You have to have the setting for it set pretty low to get pure enough o2.

Mina 2019-10-24 2:28pm

Greg, yes, the concentrator is set to 1 lpm. It had been working without a hitch.

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