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Shirl 2020-09-21 1:30pm

Searching a tutorial
Hi, l am looking for Mary Lockwoods dragon tutorial. I wanted to buy it several years ago, now l am searching for it and l,cannot find it, everywhere l look it seems to be unavailable. My granddaughter desperately wants a dragon !
I would be so grateful if someone could show me where to find it.

Beadz Gone Wild 2020-09-21 4:54pm

Try googling Mary Lockwood and get to her web page. I think that's where I got my copy of her tutorial but it's been a while so I don't know if she still has a web page.

Beadz Gone Wild 2020-09-21 4:59pm

OK I just remembered I got it on her etsy site but I just checked and she is no longer on etsy so I guess I'm no help. Sorry.

KJohn 2020-09-21 10:45pm

I'm sorry, you might try messaging her on FB, I think all her tutorials have been gone for a while, though. I meant to get one too

Shirl 2020-09-22 1:28am

I have tried messaging and emailing Mary but get no reply and emails returned, the Web page isn't working and Mary seems to be elusive.

echeveria 2020-09-22 5:59am

Look for her on Facebook. She does not post often, but she is there.

KJohn 2020-09-22 8:42pm

Didn't she mention she had trouble with her eyesight and she might be giving up glass? Seems to me that was a few years ago already. Miss her, she was always so creative and super nice

Shirl 2020-09-23 3:01am

I did think Moth might have given up glass as l haven't been able to contact her. I had a few years out from lampworking as my mum had a major stroke and l had to care for her so had no spare time for glass. I really would love another of Marys tutorials as l so much want to try thr dragon.
I found Mary on facebook but it seems like there has been no activity on there for a while, l have messaged but haven't heard anything yet.
I live in hope ☺

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