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Mary K 2013-04-16 5:39pm

Jelly Fish
This is how I make Jellyfish. I know there are a lot of different ways
to make them. I would love to share different ways of making
Jellyfish. By sharing our ideas and techniques with each other we
can all grow and learn. If you read the decription and look at
the pictures I think you can see how I do this.
How do you do a fully encased Jellyfish?
ps. we will all keep this a secret, right?

Jelly Fish
Glass needed:
Clear ( I used 14 mm, any size 12 - 18 would be fine)
You need 2 sections of this in same size.
Amber purple #13
Purple Lustre
Very fine, very sharp small tungsten pick (
Very small marble mold,optional
small graphite paddle
Pull some fine stringers of the carmel and amber purple, like 2 - 3 mm thin.
Heat the purple lustre rod to a small even gather, remove any bubbles, set aside.
Melt good size gather to round shape on one of the 16mm clear sections.
Set aside right before you begin to make your Jellyfish.
Melt cold rod of 16mm ( not the one you prepped) into nice gather and
press into an even maria.
Place small dots like size of a seed bead or smaller dots evenly over maria,
almost to edge, but not on edge of maria.
Melt the dots in lightly and focus a small hard flame on them one at a time and
press the sharp pic into them,. If you heat the pick as it goes into the glass so
its red, that will leave an airbubble in your tenacle. Twist it until it comes out, if
it sticks. Actually keep it twisting and it won't stick, as you do this.
Do this to all dots then heat it all up and let it compress.
Keep it all coming together until the face of the maria has closed then hold it so it
droops down, twisting all the while to keep it even, let it droop just enought to let the
tenacle legs stretch out, but not too much. Round out the end where the dots were to form
a platform for your cap. Heat the purple lustre and add a dot about the size of 6 to 8mm bead.
Sometimes I heat this and roll it in the smallest hole in my hand held cheap marble mold.
Keep this warm in the back of the flame with left hand, in right hand take the other rod of clear.
Reheat it until it is good and soft, you will have to practice on just how hot to have it,
Mean while you have heated the part in your left hand keeping the surface good and hot,
just not molten or it will just smear. Then evenly press the other clear rod on top of the cap and it will spread
out, but there will be this big line where they join.Keep all this twisting in the flame the whole while,
and now forget about the joint area and focus your flame on the clear rod in your right hand, melt it off.
Then evenly melt the whole thing together untill you are happy, keep it moving, keep it turning, the line
will eventually go away.
Then I pick the side that will be the back, press it into some frit of your choice, flatten it out alittle
and then add a bail. I then punty up to the bail and after the top is cool enough that it does not
distort, I melt off the tail end, twisting if desired. Practice a few that are not twisted first,
until you get it.
You can experiment with your dot pattern and maybe lay some small lines of the
Amber purple and then pierce them lightly in 2 places with the small pic.
That will give your jelly legs of different lengths and color variation.

Please post your Jellyfish, and technique used to make it!
This is a study in Jelllyfish technique.

Dragonharper 2013-04-16 6:10pm

I use a totaly different approach, I construct mine starting with 4mm clear rod.

Pull some NS Serindipity into 2mm stringer. (You can make your own by encasing NS Star White with either AP, DAP, or other transparent color, light cobalt works well too).

GENTLYwarm the 4mm rod, and apply the stringer to a 1 inch section, I get about 5 or 6 tentacles on a 4mm rod.

Encase with 3mm clear, melt in and marver smooth.

Repeat the above is desired.

To make the bell marver the end of the tentacles to a smooth flat end.
Add Image link

Add a gather of either AP or DAP to the smoothed end, melt in and shape.

Encase with 5mm clear starting with the union of the bell and the tentacles, keep the 5mm clear very hot to avoid air bubbles. When the bell is encased to your liking melt a 6mm rod on the the encased bell for a handle.

Using 5mm clear encase the tentacles, at this point you may twist the tenticles if desired, this is also a good time to either lengthen or shorten (by gathering) the tentacles if desired.

Finish shaping and punty on the the bottom. Melt off the 6mm handle and make the loop.

Pop off the punty , fire polish and place into the kiln.

istandalone24/7 2013-04-16 6:20pm

thanks for the write ups! can't wait to try some...i haven't played with making jellyfish yet.

Mary K 2013-04-16 6:46pm

Oh, I forgot to add, could we have a picture of your finished Jelly? Roy if you have
one I would love to see it!

MagpieGlass 2013-04-17 3:06am

I second Mary K ... would love to see a pix of your jelly as well Roy. I like the variety of the techniques and Roy's just valididated my thoughts on attempting something totally non-related.

Thank you both for sharing how you make your jellies. Now I just need to find some serious time to play.

Dragonharper 2013-04-17 4:26am


Originally Posted by Mary K (Post 4295779)
Oh, I forgot to add, could we have a picture of your finished Jelly? Roy if you have
one I would love to see it!

I've updated my original post with the image link. These were some of the first, they are between 0.75 and 1.00 inches in length.

Mary K 2013-04-17 6:45am

Hey Thanks Roy! Great, this is perfect. Anyone else who has a Jellyfish technique
that is not top secret, and is willing to share, please post your fish and your technique.
Also, If you try one of these techniques and make some Jellyfish ~ Post picture of your results! We want to see no matter how they turn out!

pattycake 2013-04-17 7:02am

new to boro and glass making, I want to try both ways, thank you very much

Dragonharper 2013-04-17 7:57am

I started the stringer on 4mm clear as an exercise in heat control...

istandalone24/7 2013-04-17 8:19am

i'm hoping Maui Greenstone will chime in here....but he's holding on to his method...and i don't blame him, his jelly's are truly awesome.

Jackson River Glass 2013-04-17 8:43am

This is great! Thanks so much for starting this thread, Mary. I'm with Magpie, just need to find some serious play time to give this a try!

marcel 2013-04-17 11:48am

Here is my jelly i used stormy weather for the jelly and simax as clear
the tentacles are a tube implosion , the mantel is made by putting a dot or stormy weather on top of the implosion and pushed hot glas on top to encase it ;-)

bepnewt 2013-04-17 12:14pm

Thank you for sharing, everyone.


Mary K 2013-04-17 4:42pm

Awesome Jelly there Marcel, always love seeing your work,
thanks for your generous share.
Here is mine for the day

I am just not a good photograhper of glass!
Darn it! this is really sparklie in person,
the cap has Jackpot frit on it that glitters
and the backround has Jackpot too, and
the whole thing just sparkles!
(You can get Jackpot frit from Magpie Glassworx)
Love that Jackpot frit, Bling!Bling!!!!

Jackson River Glass 2013-04-17 5:40pm

Love the jellies so far \\:D/

jhamilton117 2013-04-18 4:20am

These are awesome! I can't wait to try these they look so cool! And I agree with Istandalone, I would love a nice (hopefully free, one can hope) tut from Maui Greenstone on his intense jellies! Great work everyone and thank you for sharing. I've wondered how to do this since seeing Mauis'

istandalone24/7 2013-04-18 5:51am

hell with free....i'd pay for that one!

although i must say...after reading this thread i don't think i'd buy a tut anytime soon....there's enough info here for days worth of experimentation.

Mary K 2013-04-18 6:45am

While he is much more practiced at this,
I believe that Maui Greenstone does his Jellies the same way I do mine. But....
He does something to the cap that gives it that flared look. My husband gave me
an empty 30calibur rifle casing, it is brass, to try to push on the cap to get a small indentation. Then add the clear on top as usual. I'll see if that does the trick for that flare.
All you need is Love!
"There's nothing you can do that can't be done"
"There's nothing you can make that can't be made"
John Lennon/Paul McCartney

The thing is, even if we use the same technique, we are all going to get different results, individual to each unique artist. I took a 3 day class from John Kobuki ( best class I ever took)
and he showed us his technique. That doesn't mean I can do stuff just like John Kobuki now. Darn! I wish!

Jackson River Glass 2013-04-18 4:56pm

1 Attachment(s)
Made my first two jellies today! The first one is below, the second one is not something I'll be photographing... lol I used Blue Moon for this one. Need to work on my tentacles - they look kinda chubby and flat but I was happy that I didn't squish the cap too much. Excited to try again, it was fun!

AmorphousDesigns 2013-04-18 5:09pm

some jellies do have flat, stubby tentacles. It looks like a jelly and it's beautiful, nice job!

check this stubby tentacles jelly

Jackson River Glass 2013-04-18 5:14pm


Originally Posted by AmorphousDesigns (Post 4297340)
some jellies do have flat, stubby tentacles. It looks like a jelly and it's beautiful, nice job!

check this stubby tentacles jelly

You are so kind! Thank you!!

Mary K 2013-04-18 7:47pm

Nice Jelly Susan!

jhamilton117 2013-04-18 11:52pm

So how exactly do you get that retichello(?) Look? Anyone willing to do a vid?

Dragonharper 2013-04-19 3:38am

Nice work! Looks like you used the stringer method. After about a half dozen more you will have it nailed! My next attempt will be going for realism and trying to make an Austrailian Box Jelly. I just haven't figured out which glass to use, Star White frit for sure. Also, if you encase your colored rod with clear then pull stringer you can get a finer tentacle, this technique works best with highly saturated colors like Star White, Turbo Cobalt, Jet Black, etc.

Dragonharper 2013-04-19 3:42am


Originally Posted by jhamilton117 (Post 4297582)
So how exactly do you get that retichello(?) Look? Anyone willing to do a vid?

Stringer on 4mm clear and then encased. I use 3mm clear to encase. When the piece is still hot let one handle drag in your hand while you turn the other, that creates a nice twist.

castaway 2013-04-21 3:20pm

1 Attachment(s)
well if people are showing their jellyfish here's one from me, cheers, B

Mary K 2013-04-21 4:08pm

Stunning Jellyfish Bernard, would you be so kind as to tell us
what technique you used to make it? This is a study in Jellyfish methods.
What I would love to see here is how LampworkEtc. used to be,
when people gave freely of their wealth of skills and information.
I love the way you did your tenacles, and also the cap on your
fish is very realistic. How did you make this? It used to be if you
asked someone how they did something, they were flattered and
actually told you.

castaway 2013-04-21 4:28pm

Oh sorry, the tentacles are imploded, first the english ivy ones then half way through the implosion the blue lightening ones were added, the cap is a large dot placed on to cover the ends of the implosions the main gather is stretched at this point then the cap is tooled out slightly to cover the ends of the tentacles then a gather of clear is placed onto the cap and also tooled over it ( I use a knife blade) I attach a rod to the top finish pulling the tentacles and twist then, punty to the bottom and make a loop.

bepnewt 2013-04-21 7:09pm

More gorgeous Jellies. Awesome.


MagpieGlass 2013-04-22 5:44am

Susan ... you tried a jellie!! Very nice. and awesome for a first attempt.

castaway ... Gorgeous ... I love the double tentacle and English Ivy imploded ... wow.

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