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Nighthawk 2014-03-19 5:41am

Spun basket with pictures
Spun Glass basket

There are many ways to make a spun glass basket; here we will be making one with what I call a pull stitch with a loop trim. It will be a basket but for those who wish, you can put some color in the way of the loop trim and maybe make some colored eggs.
(Easter you know)

Items you will need:

One small rod about 3 to 4mm
One bigger rod about 7 to 10mm. (This is for the basket and trim loops, can be clear or color, if you use color I would still use a clear rod for the basket itself and just color the loops. It will look better)

If you want make some color eggs for the finished product.

about all you might need is a pair of needle nose pliers and a graphite pad.

The handle:

You can make a lot of stylish handles, since this is an Easter basket I like the ice sickle like handle. Make a ball of glass and flatten it with your paddle. Now heat it up and pull and twist. This will be bent in a u shape to make the handle; size should fit the size of basket you make.
You should have one of these.

Making the basket bottom:

Start with your small rod of glass, heat the end and press it down on the graphite pad to flatten the end. (Donít make a disk just flatten the end)

Now heat up and melt the end of the bigger rod while holding the small rod in your left hand (if youíre left handed) straight up and down, stick the bigger rod (that you are holding horizontal) to the side of youíre flattened small rod. While keeping the bigger rod melted at the end keep moving around the smaller rod (every time you put the bigger rod to the small pull back just a bit. The pull stitch should look like this.

When you get the basket bottom the size you would like it to be, heat up the circle you have made and flatten it on your graphite pad.

Now do the same thing while holding the small rod horizontal and make the sides of the basket. Now you should have something that looks like this.

Put one side of the handle on the basket, then heat up your twisty bending it around and attach it to the other side. Here is the picture of what you should now have.

The Loop stitch:

Bottom is made, the handle is on and now we hold the small rod again horizontal and put our loop stitch around the top of the basket.
Holding the basket just under the flame, heat up your bigger rod and touch it to the top edge of the top of the basket where the handle is connected to the basket, pulling lightly and turning the bigger rod in a clockwise movement pushing it back down in front of the last placement on the basket.

Keep going all the way around (slowly spinning the small rod just far enough to lay the next stitch) the basket until you meet up with the starting stitch. Now just burn it off there Hey you have a basket with a rod attached to the bottom, I grab the basket with my needle nose pliers and burn off the rod attached to my basket. Then heating the bottom I flatten the basket on my graphite pad, Oh ya (slang for yes) add colored eggs.

Picture of finished basket

Bobeche 2014-03-19 6:26am

Wonderful tutorial, thank you so much for sharing your technique :)

ROC 2014-03-19 7:14am

Yay! Thanks so much for doing this tutorial, and with the pictures. It all makes sense now (and I know how "fun" it is to try to take pictures when both hands are busy)!

Denielle 2014-03-19 7:26am

Do you ever use 104? Do you think this basket is small enough to use 104? Thanks for the tut :)

pierces*designs 2014-03-19 7:55am

very cool! Love it!!

BellaBean 2014-03-19 8:16am

Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

houptdavid 2014-03-19 11:18am

Cool! Thanks!

Nighthawk 2014-03-19 1:56pm

It should be fine in 104, you can make it any size :)

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