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LovingBeads 2016-11-21 7:27pm

The Braid version 2
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There was a good discussion on this pattern not long ago. That braid can be made with alternating dots on the sides and melting them down with some gravity swirl.

What about this one? I love that the solid color dips down into the clear. I've experimented a bit and to make this dip, it appears that I have to put the dots in center, then melt them out to alternating sides like making a dillo.

Problem is, how to make them go left then right then left?

vhclem 2016-11-23 7:38am

I'm not sure about the right-left question but I'd love to see a tutorial or more pics of the process. These are cool!

glass butterfly 2016-11-23 4:36pm

Me too.

Larysa 2016-11-23 6:24pm

May be just push the last one a bit under the first one with some tool.
Or make the first dot a bit smaller and enlarge it at the end to cover the last one.

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