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patienthand 2010-02-13 2:08pm

Hospital rep visits our Guild (What Types of Beads Kids Like)
Hi Folks,

Wow, I just got home from our Florida Glass Dragons meeting, and was it an eye opener.... We had a child life specialist form the hospital we sponsor for Beads of Courage come and visit us today. She told us a lot about how they operate the program and work with the kids using the beads and other forms of play therapy etc. Amazing!!!! But what was a real eye opener for me was exactly what the kids want in thier beads, the age groups that are most common, and the size beads the kids like and want.

so, here is the low down from someone who works the program every day....

She said they have lots of kids that are 3 and under, then the next age when cancers show up are at about 9 and the last about 16.

She said the little kids like BIG honking beads and really like anything character driven... cartoon etc etc, and things that are bright anything princess themed is a big hit with that group as well.

The next group tends to like all sorts of animals, sports themes are a giant hit with the boys and always in short supply. They also like character beads

The teens tend to like cutsie things and animals as well, and will sometimes go for the "pretty: beads, but also like the unusual as well.

She said often what we as bead makers think of as pretty beads are often the last ones picked, they like things they can identify with themselves in some way. and food related beads fly out of the place.. cakes, cupcakes, hot dogs, ice cream cones, she even had a fried egg bead. She told a story of one little girl that all she would eat for a LONG time was eggs, and a fried egg bead was her choice.

It was so nice to have someone form the Florida Hospital oncology pediatric unit come and visit us today, and I know I have a MUCH better understanding of how personal and important those beads are toa childs journey, and most of all.. what the kids actually WANT in thier beads. I have so many new ideas to play with now, and a better way to focus my efforts.

Hope it helps you too.


llamaone 2010-02-13 2:39pm

Thanks for that Candice, I am printing it to put by my torch to give me some ideas of things to work on.

chrisann 2010-02-13 5:13pm

Sorry I couldn't stay and visit with you more Candice:roll: I think I sang the "I love you" Barney song 18,00000000000 times to her on the way home LOLOL

patienthand 2010-02-13 5:16pm

LOLOLOL Chris,, we have lots of time to play.. was great to see you at a meeting. I had fun today. Did you get any of my home made cheesecake?


chrisann 2010-02-13 7:43pm

Nope I didn't get anything :cry:I was to busy keeping the bug outta everything LOLOL.

glitzy cowgirl 2010-02-15 8:54am

Thanks for this information! I will pass it on to the San Antonio Lampworkers! Good to know we can "think outside the box" and make some really cute beads for those special kiddos!


Shrimp 2010-02-15 10:17am

Very good to know! This should probably be a "sticky" thread.

beadgirl 2010-02-17 10:26am

The beads donated at the meeting were wonderful!
The power point presentation was very moving, seeing all of the kids I got kind of choked up. The kids really look forward to their beads. What a great distraction for them. The facilitator said for younger patients the parent looks forward to the beads that tells their child's journey. They string and restring them often. It was very unique how they choose to string them some choose to sort them into a story representing in order what they have had done. One child looked at his strand and said look at this time here I was so healthy. Others will sort them into color groupings ( white for chemo , black for pokes, yellow for admissions/ sleep over at hospital, red for transfusions/ blood etc.)
Would encased florals be okay? #-o
They only food item I can make is a ice cream cone, guess I can try to adapt that into cup cakes.
Thanks, MarieAnn

RSimmons 2010-02-17 11:40am

Encased florals are often very popular. Some of the kids end up being inside for long stretches and I've had some of them say that it reminds them of being out doors.

A cupcake just looks like an ice cream cone with the bottom sawed off.


LoriGreenberg 2010-02-18 10:47am

I stuck the thread and added to the title to indicate it talks about what kids like. Very helpful!

spudly 2010-02-21 1:11am

This is great information!! Thanks so much for posting!

Food beads...who knew?! 8-[


patienthand 2010-02-21 6:33pm

Oh, One other thing I just remembered.. the hospital rep said the kids LOVE getting the organza bags with their beads. They often carry a sack of beads around, or put other treasures into them, and they are a big hit.


Elizabeth Beads 2010-02-22 7:05pm


Originally Posted by RSimmons (Post 2896260)
Encased florals are often very popular. Some of the kids end up being inside for long stretches and I've had some of them say that it reminds them of being out doors.


Oh good. I put a bunch of encased florals in the box I just sent. I love making them but they haven't been big sellers. I still make one just about every time I torch anyway and now I have a reason.


Fran 2010-02-25 9:41am

Thanks for posting this. I'm going to keep a list by my torch. I love making encased florals too but they aren't best sellers for me either:-? Whimsical beads are my main thing, it's good to know what the kids like.

LouiseI 2010-04-09 3:57am

Thanks for posting this, I had no idea that so many of the kids were three and under. Gotta start thinking like a kid when I'm torching!

houligan 2010-04-09 9:22am

Nice thanks!

cheng076 2010-04-09 9:25am

Most times my problem is thinking like an "adult"

The Fire and Rain group meets Sunday and I think I'll print out this info and pass it out to the members, if that's OK? Pratt Art Center in Seattle gives us a torch day to do beads of courage several times a year and we collect beads from members at each meeting so this will be a big help.

beaderjean 2010-04-14 3:08am

Thanks for the info! It's wonderful to know what the children prefer. I will definitely be making more of those types of beads while at the torch.

barbbbeads 2010-05-25 9:41pm

Thanks for posting this. I will focus more of my efforts on the themes that the children treasure the most. Even if I'm not good at that particular style this will give me more of a reason to try it out. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jean this past weekend. OMG, she just inspired me beyond belief to contribute to her wonderful organization even more so. She's an angel!

glassymom 2010-05-28 8:28am

I really want to start making beads for the kids and now that I have an idea of what I will get started!!!!

My question..........what size hole?? I regularly use a 1/16 but then I started thinking that maybe a bigger hole is better since I have no clue what the kids string their beads on!

I did make the cutest little elmo bead the other night, first one has to go to my grandbaby but now that I know little ones want characters I'll make more. He really made me smile and I hated to see sitting in the water while he waited to be cleaned!! LOL
thanks for the info!!

2kids&atorch 2010-05-28 9:34am

Candice, I live in Gainesville...what hospital do you sponsor? Also, to add to the list, I made a "Mario" bead (from the video game) and my kids (ages 7 and 10) went NUTS over it. Not a real hard design, his face is mostly a big nose and a mustache! Maybe I'll post a picture of it (if I can find it, that is)...

LoriGreenberg 2010-05-31 3:07pm

Hi Sue.

We prefer 3/32" holes....they're easier for the kids to string.

glassymom 2010-05-31 5:00pm

Thanks Lori
I think I have that size so I made the first elmo on one! I'm going to try to make atleast one bead each time at the torch and then I will send them in once a month.
I was donating to The Hope Bracelet Project for a few years but now I'm going to do beads of courage. I'm excited to try to come up with neat things for kids and I'll know I've hit on good ones when my kids get excited to see LOL
Thank you!!

LoriGreenberg 2010-06-01 10:19pm

That is awesome Sue! They really add up when you make a regular committment. I know someone will love Elmo and the others!

Thanks for your support!

Fine Folly Glassworks 2010-07-03 6:11pm

This thrills me because I have been working on a Free Critters Tutorial in hopes of encouraging fun bead making for the Newbies & Intermediate group at this link:

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I will add some cute food items as I can get to them!

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LoriGreenberg 2010-07-03 9:28pm


Fine Folly Glassworks 2010-07-04 6:33am

Thank you! These are the latest 'Willy the Worm' version on the Tutorial... they should be okay, right? It would be very heard to break off the head.

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LoriGreenberg 2010-07-04 12:23pm

I think they're great as long as everyone knows to attach raised designs flat to the surface with no undercuts!

PerfectDeb 2010-07-05 12:55am

is there an issue with giving the kids under 3 beads that they might swallow?

Birdsonawire 2010-07-05 8:21am

Thanks for the list. I am putting some together also.

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