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stafford.glassworks 2019-09-11 4:30pm

Kiln In Small Shed-Turned-Studio
Hi, I have a question about putting an 11x11x9 jen-ken analog kiln in a small shed work area. The area is probably about 8x8. I have a vent-hood/funned hooked up to a fan going to the outside. The kiln manual says you should not put a kiln in a small room. There is really nowhere else I can put it. Are there any dangers other than the room getting too hot while working?

stafford.glassworks 2019-09-11 5:46pm

3 Attachment(s)
Here are a few pictures to get an idea of the size and the kiln

Eileen 2019-09-11 6:23pm

You you could call JenKen and check. They are very nice. I hesitate to give an opinion, but my guess is that it would be okay, but thy know the kiln and could give you better than a guess.

stafford.glassworks 2019-09-11 7:31pm

Ok thank you! I will give them a call soon and see what they say about it.

Speedslug 2019-09-11 7:46pm

I think the "small room" they are talking about is more like a closet or pantry.

You did not mention what kind of air movement you have and if it closes off if the vent fan is turned off.

These kilns are pretty close to a kitchen oven on self cleaning what with all the insulation the fire brick provides.

As long as you have a good 18 inches of space behind and to the sides you should be fine with that kiln.
Just keep you vent open ( not necessarily running ) and your make up air coming in while the kiln is running.
With my experience as a safety trainer in the Navy for 12 years out of my 17 years active duty I think you should be fine.

Read all you can stand in the safety and studio building / bragging threads and you will see a lot of the details spelled out for you.

Good luck and welcome to the addiction.

ETA: Oh and be sure to put it up on 2 or 3 inches of some kind of fire proof stand.
I think they come with 3 fire bricks to use to get good air flow under them.

stafford.glassworks 2019-09-11 7:48pm

Awesome info! Thank you!

Three Muses Glass 2019-09-12 4:58am

I can't really see but do you have a kiln stand there? If not, you should get one to elevate it off the floor. And perhaps some Hardi board (cement drywall type stuff) on the walls behind it. And on the wood floor...or tiles on the floor.
The room size looks fine to me.

echeveria 2019-09-12 5:57pm

If you put a heat barrier against the wall, don't you need an airspace between the barrier and the wall? That was recommended for a friend who had a wood stove in a small space. Might depend on the type of material though.

Speedslug 2019-09-13 8:28am

If the heat barrier has about a half inch air gap behind it you can often put the kiln much closer to the wall/ air gap / heat barrier.

Like 3 inches or something but you might want to search the safety threads for specifics.
That and google the dickens out of it.

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