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meadowesky 2006-09-20 4:49pm

Pumpkin Tutorial
Okay, please excuse the pictures. Shane isnt home to help..
FYI I am using a minor torch, 3/32" mandrel, propane and a 5lpm concentrator
Bullseye Pumpkin orange and stringer pulled by me.

So first you have your vine stringer ready

Then you make a spacer shaped bead out of the orange

This is what I use to make the creases

I take my razor and starting at one side make a crease from the mandrel to the middle of the bead. Then I go from the other end and complete the crease

I continue this all around the bead. I dont worry about how many there are or if they are all even.. Looks more natural like this

next I apply my vine stringer to look "vineish"

and waa laa a pumpkin!

AMMBJM 2006-09-20 4:53pm

thanks. Do you let the pumpkin part cool a little before you use the razor blade.

meadowesky 2006-09-20 4:54pm

it cools just a little. but the spot that I want to make my crease at I heat up right before I razor it. just be careful when working around the pumpkin that you dont heat it too much and melt in your indentations.

Rose Leslie 2006-09-20 6:07pm

Thanks, That is a great way to do the pumpkins. I love them.

dragon myst 2006-09-20 8:30pm

Thank you so much for sharing !=D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

Reenie 2006-09-21 3:26am

Thanks....Gonna try one tomorrow. Wish we could get more tuts up here
I'm glad u gave us this one.

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