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SandraAtGong 2019-04-29 3:36pm

Best Japanese Nippers, Mashers & Allan Pliers and Sites
Hi :wave:, I am planning to put together a list with some sites for Mothers Day.

Looking which type and brand you find best, which sites stock these that ship Internationally (to Australia):smile: for the following:-

1. Making Bales? Pete Pliers or Allan Pliers? Or Others?
2. Mashers? I have a Small Tweezer Mashers but need something to open a bit wider, what are your favourites? Where can you order them from?
3. Creation Station? Are they only available on ABR site?
4. Ways to cut rods for colour mixing? Disc Nippers?
5. To cut off those bits of glass off beads? Japanese Nippers?

I would really appreciate any advice, sites or tutorials you would recommend.
If anyone in Australia has any of these they want to sell I would be interested too. Sandra

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