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Kristynadine 2014-06-11 9:39pm

Contaminated electroforming solution
Ive searched everywhere. Hey everyone!!!!! I have a question, not sure if this exact thing has been covered. I keep having the salmony thing happen to my electroformed pieces and ive done everything through reading threads and ive narrowed it down to contaminated solution. How to i replenish the solution for proper electroforming??? Ive run it through filters, added brightener and even run it through more filters with charcoal in the middle of two filters. What do i do now? How do i restore the solution after it has been contaminated if ive tried the other things and they arent working. Ive read that you should be able to use your solution as long as you need. Ive already looked at amps and all that stuff and im pretty sure its the solution that is contaminated with organic material or something else. Does anyone have any other suggestions besides brighteners, filters and charcoal? I have yet to add a little distilled water. Ill try that asap, but would that make a huge difference in the solution? Ive skimmed so many threads and people havent really talked about solution upkeep. What is the best way to revive contaminated solutions? Any advice is appreciated!!!

fourpawsglass 2014-06-12 1:23pm

In my mind, if its contaminated and you've filtered it, added brightener, and distilled water then perhaps you just need to get rid of it. Here are some other ideas - check your anode (is it thick enough) and clean the wire your items are hanging from. If it remains above the solution like mine, it can get corroded. I always clean them with a brass brush before hanging my items. I also clean where my contacts are so that they are connecting good. I have added distilled water and the brightener but if the solution really drops, then I add more of the solution.

I know you said you have the salmony outcome but does it crumble? What happens if you take a brass brush to it? Mine comes out a pinkish color but shines up to a brilliant shine. If it's crumbling, then I would also suspect your paint. Is it old? Who from? I recently purchased two jars from Rio and they are trash. I'm trying to get a refund. I have had wonderful success from the jar I purchased from Safer Solutions.

Let me know - hope this helps.

Kristynadine 2014-06-13 2:31pm

You may be right about the paint. I get everything from rio. The first pieces i did were like pennies! Last few have been salmony and not crumbly. Im guessing ill just polish them for now. :) thank you!!! Ill keep you updated!

theglasszone 2014-06-14 4:05pm

I'm reading everything I can about e-forming, and I'm with you FourPaws! ;) If my solution goes south, I'm just gonna get another bottle from Rio and start over... :(

I'm doing almost all organic pieces, but I've been over the top anal about coating them in laquer first and then two coats of paint to keep them "sealed" and not pollute my solution. I've been using the coffee filters, too, between sessions and also have the pinkish result that shines to bright - no crumbling. I've been keeping the solution topped off with a bit of distilled H20 and a few drops of brightener.

Hope you get your problem worked out, Kristy, and for sure try Safer Solutions paint. I think it's fantastic! :)


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