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Quintessential 2016-07-25 8:00am

Making bails
What part is cracking? That will help me diagnose the problem. I might be able to offer a suggestion.

@miniuniworld 2016-07-25 8:03am

right where the hole is... =( I can e-mail you a pic when I get home =)

Sudsy 2016-08-11 6:07am

Thanks for the tut. I'll try it when it gets a little cooler in my studio.

Quintessential 2016-08-11 6:33am

Cracking hummingbirds
Hi. Are they cracking when you put them in the kiln? Which part/parts are cracking? Do you notice any cracks before you put them in the kiln? If I understand better, I may be able to offer suggestions.

Jenfire 2018-10-07 11:08pm

Now there is some amazing heat control and a generous heart! Thank You Vicki!

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