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Valeria 2015-07-13 3:15pm

Recommend good clear glass 96 coe
Hi everyone. Could you please suggest me any good clear glass COE 96.
I'm using Reichenbach COE 96 and it gives kind of slime heaps of bubbles on the surface. Thank you

Valeria 2015-07-13 3:19pm

Note well, though, I pinch off the end of the new rod.

Deb L 2015-07-13 3:46pm

I have always heard good reviews regarding R96 so I'm surprised, though I've never tried it. I use Uroborus 96 with very good success.

shawnette 2015-07-13 3:56pm

Uroboros has the best 96 clear.

Elizabeth Beads 2015-07-13 6:24pm

Gaffer makes a lovely 96 clear too.

Valeria 2015-07-14 12:57am

Thank you for your replies.
I have and 104 and reichenbach. It is hard, but the quality is good.
But 96 out of luck. Even it is soaked in acid.

EchoTantuli 2015-07-21 4:18am

Most of the 96 clears are leaded furnace glass, they like to be worked cool in radiant heat... which is generally fine since they are so soft. Uroboros 96 is definitely the easiest and best clear for 96.

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