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jjglass 2008-07-14 5:33pm

That's just sick Roger, nicely done!

Kim V 2008-07-15 5:29am

Wow, that two headed dragon is amazing!!!!! I wouldn't even attempt a one headed one :D

Here's some more flower pendants....tired of them yet? :D :D

Venbead 2008-07-15 6:09am

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kim, dayum woman!!! you better get here quick and have one of those on you I want to hold it! the blue one ...holy crap!
I have been learning to core beads. here is some boro and copper

dogsrlove 2008-07-15 7:02am


Originally Posted by glassroger (Post 1957546)
Thanks for the compliments on the dragons!

Ok Dragon fans, here's a new two headed dragon.


Roger, are they SMILING? :)


nagibeads 2008-07-15 9:54am

Roger: WOwie! amazing work Roger--really nice!!!\\:D/

Kim: Beautiful pendants! I love the bottom one especially! WOW!!!
Paula: Gorgeous beads--they will look so very nice on a bracelet or as a single bead on a neck hoop! The color of the copper goes so well with the boro!:tigger:

LAG 2008-07-15 1:20pm

Sonja,, was it #3 or #4??? just guessing here.... those are gorgeous

glassroger 2008-07-15 3:01pm

Thanks again for the compliments.

dogsrlove, I guess they could be smiling? or maybe their just a bit excited to find each other.

Over the Moon 2008-07-15 4:24pm

WOW!!! It just keeps getting better, and better...:grin: Just so you guys didn't think I'd totally fallen off the face-of-the-Earth, here's some Boro/Art Clay (PMC)/chain maille bracelets...

nagibeads 2008-07-15 4:35pm

OMG!!! Val- they are out of this world!!! I just about fell over when I opened up this thread!! The silver just makes the boro glow!!!

SonyaHusko 2008-07-15 6:48pm

They're pistachio green striped rods, part translucent, part opaque. If I marked one of the rods, I'll pm you after I come in from the garage tonight with the number.


Originally Posted by LAG (Post 1959199)
Sonja,, was it #3 or #4??? just guessing here.... those are gorgeous

suzanne 2008-07-16 2:24am

Val those bracelets are killing me! I love the first one with the pmc leaves under the beads, awesome work girl!

Over the Moon 2008-07-16 4:10am

Thanks, NN and Suzanne! :love:

Kim V 2008-07-16 7:59am

Wow, Val. They're both beautiful...but the top one is stunning!!!!!

JeanneJ 2008-07-16 4:08pm

Paula, OMG! Soooooo pretty! Please, please tell me where you got the copper, what thickness, etc.
I've been wanting to do this, I have the tools, but I'm kinda stuck on the copper.

Jodi_B 2008-07-17 8:55am

I've been practicing on florals and wine stoppers...

rifie 2008-07-17 10:11am

Roger, u r amazing. I love the two headed dragon.

Firebrand Beads 2008-07-17 11:17am

Dang, Roger, if I was a dragon that cute, I'd NEED to grow a second head just to check myself out! aDORable!
Pretty flowers, everyone... glad Kobuki has been getting his techniques out there and making the world all the better for it, lol.
Pretty pink, there, Jodi - I don't recognize it, though. What is it?
~Jenny @ TAG

eej713 2008-07-17 2:47pm


Originally Posted by Kim V (Post 1958446)
Wow, that two headed dragon is amazing!!!!! I wouldn't even attempt a one headed one :D

Here's some more flower pendants....tired of them yet? :D :D

I so want to learn how to do flower pendants like you do....I love them!

Lynn in PA

nagibeads 2008-07-17 3:00pm

Jodi--it's gorgeous! I love the color!!

Sarabella 2008-07-19 12:51pm

Kim and Jodi - Nice flowers! And Roger - great dragons!

Sheesh, I better light up my torch and start practicing again...


Ro 2008-07-20 7:23am

kim, what color is the 'pink' one. they are so pretty!

Ro 2008-07-20 7:26am

wow roger your dragons are fantastic.

mary k, that starfish is THE BEST ive ever seen, i LOVE it. what color did you use. the clear frit is great.

Ro 2008-07-20 7:28am

its amazing looking through the pages of the gallery, the work is so beautiful. the greatest bead colors, blown work, sculpture, flowers etc etc. you would think with all of this beautiful work we would all be rolling in the dough, up to our eyballs with orders. things are just picking up now for me, but this past winter has been so slow.
thanks for all the inspiration everyone!

nagibeads 2008-07-20 8:19am

So true!
Best of wishes for everyone to reap the fruits of their hard labor and love!
And for this economy to get better!
Glad it's picking up for you Ro!

Imelt4U 2008-07-20 9:07am

Golly... I wish I had a bigger torch setup & could try my hand at more sculptural stuff. Everything is gorgeous! But I have to say, when I saw your marbles Kim, I instantly had to check every one of your links to see if they were up for sale. LOLOL!!

Here's a couple of my photos. I wish I could the crisp photos you all get... don't know what the heck I'm doing wrong...

Kim V 2008-07-20 3:07pm

Thanks Ro! The "pink" is ivory blush.

Originally Posted by Ro (Post 1967355)
kim, what color is the 'pink' one. they are so pretty!

Kim V 2008-07-20 3:09pm

Thanks Joanie, that is a high compliment! Those are my class marbles, so won't be for sale. The flower pendants will be for sale in my Etsy shop.....just not sure when I'll get them up :D

Kare TX 2008-07-20 8:19pm

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Well I usually stay in the shallow end with the newbie thread but I'm pretty happy with this one...Momka Antique Beauty

Have a great week

Venbead 2008-07-21 5:42am

thanks Jeanne, The copper is 1/4 inch diameter tubing from the plumbing dept at Lowe's

Ro 2008-07-21 7:57am

thanks, who makes ivory blush, i havent heard of it.

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