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Eileen 2015-08-29 2:20pm

Glass paints and enamels, are they OK?
I was looking into some decorative methods to do on cold beads that would then be heated to affix them to the glass. Would they be acceptable for use as courage beads for the kids? If so I can see where it could open up some new design capabilities to me.

artsyuno 2015-08-30 10:48pm

Yes. It's a time consuming process, though - lots of steps.

Eileen 2015-08-31 5:28am

Thank you Felecia. Some things would just be so much easier to draw with a pen/brush than with glass (at least in theory, I have to experiment)

RSimmons 2015-08-31 11:03am

Fired paints and enamels are fine for Act of Courage beads so long as you are sure to use the lead-free versions of these products. I think that Thompson's has pulled all their lead colors, some of the Japanese enamels still contain lead but are labeled as such. If in doubt drop a note to the manufacturer.
It can be time consuming but you can do some seriously fun stuff with these things!


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