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Denielle 2015-09-08 6:27am

BOC Challenge 2015 in Davison MI
Hello everyone! We are a BOC Bead Challenge host site this year and want to invite the local beadmakers. We also want to give you all the opportunity to donate some items if you would like to.

We need these things:
Bead release
Shorts or any glass
Bead reamers
Polymer clay
We need to borrow a couple kilns if you are in the area

My address is in the RAOGK. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know :) If you would like to donate any of these things, please let me know so we can be on the lookout. We are 11 days away from the event, yay!

Denielle 2015-09-15 7:01am

Four days away from the BOC Challenge in Davison MI!

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