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Anne Londez 2009-10-01 3:31am

Anne Londez in Australia & NZ 2010
I will be travelling around Australia and New Zealand between Christmas and February 2010. This is a very exciting trip as it will give me the opportunity of offering classes as well as discovering new beautiful and fun places !

Group classes

The class will focus on gaining extra control over your soft glass by incorporating sculptural elements into beads and glass rings, made by various techniques such as off-mandrel sculptural techniques and blowing using small Muranese blowpipes.

You will learn to push the boundaries of what you think soft glass can do and gain an in-depth understanding of how the glass moves that will help you solve control problems in your beadmaking.

Combining basic (and not-so-basic) shapes and trying to find innovative ways to bring a complex design idea into life is also an interesting way to learn to use your tools, such as presses, as building blocks.

Among various techniques, I will demo my signature bubble and wave techniques, as well as figurative sculpture, sculpted flowers, on-mandrel and
off-mandrel glass rings (another interesting Muranese technique) and the direct application of independently made small sculptural pieces onto beads or rings.

Pics and links:

New Zealand

Jan, 30th-31st (more days may be available, more details and prices soon)

Annie Rose studio, Whangarei



Feb, 5th, 6th & 7th

Aus$ 245/day

GoGlass studio

I will also be delighted to offer private tuition in more remote places.

I will be in the Sydney area between Christmas and New Year's Eve, then in the Bundaberg area until Jan, 7th, in Brisbane for a couple of days and then head off to New Zealand (South island from around Jan, 10th until Jan 24th, then North Island until the end of January).

Contact me for more info.

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