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Jebson710 2020-06-29 10:46am

Gold fuming
hello I'm pretty new to glass and just got my set up recently. I have been struggling with fuming gold, I understand I'm supposed to use oxidizing flame but no matterhow big or small I make the flame i don't get much fume. Ive read tons of posts and watched videos with no use, everyone talks about the gold dancing when its right but i have yet to get it to do that. Any help or suggestions appreciated!

LarryC 2020-06-30 3:00pm

Step away from the posts and videos. The advice is generally worth what you paid for it. Who said you should be using a highly oxidizing flame? I have been fuming gold and silver for only 8 years and I dont post videos so maybe you should ignore this but I start by adjusting in a very small neutral flame and then backing off the center oxygen until the tips of the candles are just going fuzzy. This is on a Mirage centerfire whcih is indentical to the Lynx. If you would like to see the result look me up on facebook under Larry Cazes.

Jebson710 2020-07-03 5:21am

2 Attachment(s)
Beautiful work Larry! I love it, i am curious how you got those swirls? I was finally able to get gold to start working for me, now I want to try some designs I havent done yet! I've done plenty of implosuons but would love to try and get some spacey effects! Attached are a couple I've done!

LarryC 2020-07-04 9:02am

Nice! Glad I could help. Now that you have a good start on the mechanics try to blaze your own aesthetic path with it. Have fun with it!

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