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deb c 2010-05-01 9:34pm

Glass Stock 2010,WOOHOOO Baby!
Ok all, here we go again for another incredible year of Glass Stock goodness!

All lottery draw attendees have been notified tonight, scholarship recipients too!

Class roster can be seen at and click on GS West page.

Some pics and tool lists still need updating but the rest is final for your viewing pleasure ;) Complete schedule of classes will be listed in the next 2 weeks. Payments are due Saturday, June 5th, more info on that soon via montly upadte newsletter.

Congratulations to all the 2010 attendees, it looks to be another fabulous year with 54 classes, 46 LIT torches and 20 top notch instructors!

We still have about 5 spots left, hurray and get in before class selection June 5-6th. Follow info on GS West page to apply.

Have a fabulous weekend, lots of glassy goodness and smiles your way!

deb crowley and the GS 2010 team

PS Don't forget that we will all be doing 10 days of glass nirvana with the Flame Off at Eugene Glass School and then Glass Stock the following weekend!

artsyuno 2010-05-02 9:23am

With many thanks to Karen Hardy, here's last year's "What to bring" list:

1. Clothing
2. pajamas for pajama jam
3. bathing suit (for hotel pool/jacuzzi)
4. light jacket (it can get chilly)
5. Pills/vitamins
6. Makeup, shampoo, toiletry stuff
7. Closed toed shoes
8. spray bottle of lysol (used for spraying surfaces and fixtures in your hotel
room/condo. It sucks to catch a cold from the last guest. Learned this trick
from a world traveler friend of mine).
9. Basic first aid kit. Burn cream, band aids, something to help you sleep,
allergy meds, flu meds (in case), cough meds, headache meds, lavender oil.
10. Didy or boro glasses
11. Tools for classes (see list of classes for the tools you need)
LABEL ALL YOUR TOOLS with your name. Other items as well if you
might leave them on a table or something.
12. mask for classes using frit
13. Fanny pack or other small bag for your tools. This way it's easier to
carry them around with you.
14. Trade beads (I bring about 60) along with little baggies and business cards to enclose (or a piece of paper with your name on it)
15. Vendor gifts (2 beads usually)
16. Gift item for auction
17. Money for auction (checkbook/cash)
18. notarized letter
19. directions to event
20. address book to get info from new friends
21. notebook and pens
22. cell phone AND charger
23. camera AND CHARGER and an extra memory card if necessary
24. refillable water bottle
25. Extra suitcase for purchases (no, I am NOT kidding about this one.
Usually, I throw a zipper duffel bag in, and my clothes go in there on the
return journey, leaving my suitcase free for purchases AND the stuff I make
during the event. You'll be surprised how much room this stuff takes up).
26. Glass rod storage travel container (these are AWESOME)
Here's some links to tubes that can work:
27. Wrist rests, or creation station! Special marver if you need it. Anything to
make your work area more comfortable.
28. Hat using glass for Hat contest, great prize!
29. Hair ties and cotton clothes for hot shop.
30. Glow in the dark anythings for open torch nights!
31. Dark chocolate.

Karen Hardy 2010-05-02 11:38am

Hot diggety dog! The clock has started ticking fer real!!!

Okay - line up! Who's coming??

rusticstudio 2010-05-02 12:20pm

Me me me me me!

No I'm not preparing to sing! That's John's job!

lripster 2010-05-02 12:29pm

Me too!!! :grin:

MelanieG 2010-05-02 12:57pm

Me three! I am floored that I got drawn, and so excited :)

Karen Hardy 2010-05-02 1:42pm


Originally Posted by rusticstudio (Post 3010364)
Me me me me me!

No I'm not preparing to sing! That's John's job!

You better be there. Someone has to keep me in line.

rusticstudio 2010-05-02 2:05pm

Karen, I'm not sure if that's even possible!

playingwithfirebeads 2010-05-02 2:47pm

Me too. So happy.


jjwiskus 2010-05-02 3:36pm

I'm going soooooo HAPPYY!!!
Now just the wait@#$%%%

Crazy Woman 2010-05-02 4:22pm

Can't wait to see old friends and meet lots of new ones as well!

LAJ 2010-05-02 6:00pm

Me too! Is it Sept. yet??? :poke:

Crazy Woman 2010-05-02 6:29pm

getting closer day by day..

MACE Glass 2010-05-02 7:03pm

I'm sooo jealous. I didn't even know about this (I only started last fall).

I checked out the schedule and wow! I am amazed at the cost and the classes. This is just an increadable deal. Thank you for putting something like this on! (I saw you had a few spots left open, but sadly I won't have the funds this year - getting my studio setup up costs a few $$). But getting that Kiln in the size I want is WORTH IT!

I am saving up for next year now!

Congrats to everyone that is going! Have a blast and I can't wait to see the work that comes out of it!


deb c 2010-05-02 7:24pm

Me too, me too, me too...I am going too ;)

Wooohooo! Yep, John will have to keep Karen in line...while singing!

Mike, would love to have you come some is worth hiding the change, lol! Yes, a new kiln is an easy choice ;)

deb c 2010-05-02 7:25pm

Karen, that list is a work of art!

EXCEPT...where's the dark chocolate????

Judith Billig 2010-05-02 8:41pm

Me too!
Thanks Deb for the notification ... can't wait. I'm sure it'll be a blast :)

artsyuno 2010-05-02 8:52pm


Me too, me too, me too...I am going too ;)
LOL, Deb. I edited the list for you.

bakedpeach 2010-05-02 9:01pm

Add me too !! So excited !!

- Penny

dragonart glass 2010-05-03 9:17am

Me too!! It feels so good now that it's official. I can't wait!! I'm going to try to make it to the flame off too if I can pull it off.

HannahRachel 2010-05-03 9:37am

Thanks for accepting my classes, Deb!

lillip 2010-05-03 12:36pm

Yahoo! This will be my first- so thanks for posting Karen's "what to bring list."

rusticstudio 2010-05-03 12:48pm

Hey! Karen doesn't deserve all the credit! Several of us helped compile that list! :p
Gotta keep that girl's head from swelling too much!

Those of you who've never been before... you are going to have the time of your lives! And I am not exaggerating! One thing: DO NOT BE NERVOUS!! Everyone there is very supportive and friendly. And we were all in your shoes once. It's ALL good. Just relax and enjoy the ride.


Crazy Woman 2010-05-03 12:55pm

Waving at Patty!!! :wave:

Bead_lover 2010-05-03 1:39pm

Yea, I'm coming, too!!

Karen Hardy 2010-05-03 4:13pm


Originally Posted by rusticstudio (Post 3011754)
Hey! Karen doesn't deserve all the credit! Several of us helped compile that list! :p
Gotta keep that girl's head from swelling too much!

:lol: Some people have spell-check, I have Patty, my ego-check :love:

I will second this - I started a small list, and EVERYONE here added
stuff that I left off. As they added it, I kept expanding it. Over time,
it has grown into the fabulous thing that it is!

It is a group effort of the LE hive mind for sure!

artsyuno 2010-05-03 4:29pm

Many thanks to the LE Hive Mind. :)

papimom 2010-05-03 6:53pm

My foot is tapping....... Is it September yet?
I'll be there.

Bead_lover 2010-05-03 6:56pm


Just wanted everyone to know that I have been looking at hotels/motels in Eugene and a bunch are already booked solid due to the festival that weekend. Of course most of the more expensive ones are still available. But I would recommend that everyone who will need a hotel/motel room to start looking soon...before everything is gone.


moldyglass 2010-05-04 6:25am

ME, I'm so excited....

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