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Lacari971 2017-09-13 9:30pm

Lampwork tutorials
I am looking for tutorials of silver glass beads. Thanks

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Ravenesque 2017-09-13 10:17pm

That's a bit vague, like what kind of tutorials? How to work it? There are quite a few, might be easier to search by glass name, like searching 'Clio' in this section.

From Double Helix

Croft Eeusk 2017-09-14 6:23am

Welcome to LE!

You can search LE using the 'Search' function on the top bar, although it may take a bit of sifting through posts. Just click, it opens a box, & enter glass name. You can search just thread title or all posts. If you use 'Advance Search' once you open the tab, you can scroll down & search just 'Tutorial' or 'Tips & Questions' sections as well.

There are also a number of tutorials available for purchase on Etsy, including

Soda Lime Times, an e-magazine, issue for May 2014 is on reactive glass. Here's an index of issues

Also recommend Soda Lime Times for all sorts of great tutorials.


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