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Moth 2009-01-15 2:27pm

Free Seed Bead Patterns
I know most of us are lampworkers, but lots of us work other things too and since this is Lampwork ETC., I thought I'd share some of my old seed bead patterns. I used to offer them on my site for free when I was doing seed beads, but when I closed down my old site, I never added them to the new one. Ran across the pictures this afternoon searching for something else.

Anyway, here they are, hope somebody can use them.

The dolphin tail spiral pattern is an amulet bag pattern, it gets folded in half so the plain blue side is the back. The long skinny patterns are strap patterns, you just keep repeating them over and over to get the length strap you want.

I have this one is bigger size/better resolution, but can't post it here because of size constraints. I doubt anyone wants it, but just in case...PM me and I can send it to you.


I would have sworn I posted these before, but I did a search for them and didn't find them anywhere. Maybe I posted them on Wet Canvas and that is what I'm remembering.

Carol Cook 2009-01-16 2:15pm

These are wonderful. I'll definitely use them to make my granddaughter something. :smile:

newlondonbrat 2009-01-18 4:38pm

Those are great Mary. What program did you use.
I have a few but only on paper as I can not figure out what program to use in the computer to have them stored there.


Moth 2009-01-21 7:05am

Thank you Carol and Leslie.

Leslie, I made these almost 8 years ago and I honestly can't remember what program I used. I can tell you one thing though...whatever it was was free. LOL

I will look around and see if I can figure out what it was and get back to you!


Moth 2009-01-21 7:17am

Ok, the best I can tell is that I used a program called Bead Pattern Designer, but I'm not sure which version I had. Also, it looks like it was free at one time, but now they are charging for it. I found lots of links to 'download it free' but then when I clicked on them it wasn't available anymore. Then I found it on a website for $14.95, so apparently I had a beta version and now they are charging for it.

I remember liking the program, it was easy to use, so if you need it, it is worth the price.

I think there were some other free ones available now, but I can't vouch for their capabilities.

Good luck!

dragonlite 2012-03-07 11:04pm

Mary Do you still have the stonehenge pattern? I would LOVE to try it out!

here is my email dragonlitecandle (at) aol (dot) com

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