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Kerry S. Caron 2007-10-28 8:03pm

Enamel Stringers
There has been some interest in pulling enameled stringers and so I thought I would try my hand at giving my first tutorial in LE. I hope this all helps those who wanted to do this. smiles Kerry

Supplies, 1 rod ivory, needle nose pliers, and some enamels

Heat the end of the ivory rod till you get a pea size ball at the end.

Roll the end of the rod into the enamels, and heat. The more you repeat this step the darker the stringer.

Heat it in well but do not over heat as it will bubble away and this is called boiling the enamels. Which has it's place in some designs for sure.

Once heated thouroughly, take out of the flame let cool a bit then grab with the pliers and start to pull.

The slower you pull the thicker the stringer. the faster you pull the thinner the stringer.

Pull out to desired length and let cool.

Take your pliers and break off close to the rod. Repeat these steps using different colors till you have a variety of colors to work with.
Have fun. and always remember to wear appropriate safety gear when working with enamels. Kerry

dragon myst 2007-10-28 8:10pm

Thank you !

Kerry S. Caron 2007-10-28 8:14pm

You are welcome. smiles Kerry

Cathie 2007-10-28 8:21pm

this is great !!! Thanks

Lottie-Dah 2007-10-28 8:24pm

Thank you so much for sharing Kerry! Your beads are simply gorgeous!

jaci 2007-10-28 10:27pm

easy piezy!!

PixieFireBeads 2007-10-28 10:30pm

Nice first tutorial.

glasshouse 2007-10-29 12:29am

Thanks for this tutorial! Now I just need some enamels and an N100 mask!

:) Kelly

ginger2 2007-10-29 4:55am

Great tutorial! Thank you very much!

Cathie 2007-10-29 5:26am

I went to bed thinking about this :P, do you only use ivory or will any light colored rod work also.

La Guera 2007-10-29 6:01am

Great tutorial!! Thanks. Wish I could see a pic of the gorgeous bracelet you are wearing.


ellyloo 2007-10-29 7:18am

Experiment with different colours! Try opaque and transparent too. A little enamel goes a long way, so don't be scared!

Kerry S. Caron 2007-10-29 7:37am

Thank you everyone,
Cathie I tend to only use Vet. ivory because it bleeds the way I want it to when doing my Van Gogh beads. If you want a more stable color then use moretti white. This is what I use sometimes for my water color beads, but mostly for those I use white moretti rods rolled in either Reichenbach or Kugler glass.
Jeanette, geeish I can't even tell what bracelet that is. I love braceletes and make many and wear even more lol.. Maybe it is on my web site? smiles Kerry

Beadbug 2007-10-29 8:45am

Thanks for the tut, I have wanted to try this for some time. Are thoes paint can lids you are using to hole your powders?

Armstrong 2007-10-29 11:46am

What is the different effect you get from using an enameled stringer versus a stringer of that color? I mean, the difference between a green stringer, and an ivory rolled in green enamel?


ellyloo 2007-10-29 11:58am

Okay, i'm going to post again....but there are lots of others who do enameled stringer stuff here's one way an enameled stringer can go-see how the colour isn't solid as when you just use a stringer with just that colour? I didn't do anything extra to the dots except to poke the centre of the flower so the petals point inward. I love the 'shading' that happens.

Elegance_1 2007-10-29 12:41pm

pfft! It's always the easy stuff that I can never think of.

Thank you so much! This was awesome of you to do.

tt4st 2007-10-29 5:23pm

Thanks for this tutorial Kerry! Your Van Gogh beads are very cool.

Elly, nice bead - now I can see the possibilites. Did you use white as the base before adding the enamel?

ellyloo 2007-10-29 7:03pm

I did! I have experimented with dark colours and light enamel though... it's interesting too. :)

Kaye 2007-10-29 8:16pm

wow, I have never done this..I have a question...why ivory?? doesn't it react with the colors or the color you use the stringer on??

and do you have some examples of your work ?? I would love to see.

I have to try this...I need something to set a fire under me and make something new...I have been in a slump

ltsexpressions 2007-10-29 8:47pm

hummmmm any pics of ivory w/turq enamel over it? I wonder if it would react like Kaye suggests and if it would be different than the usual ivory/turq black line thing....

geeeez only other lampworkers would truely understand that statement, huh?

LOL, guess that's why we love each other, huh? the synergy of our creativity! (hugs Kaye, btw... got your comment on my blog, just hadn't had time to respond yet!!)

Kerry S. Caron 2007-10-29 9:07pm

Hey there Tracy, nope those are frozen juice lids, Thanks to my friend Ania Kyte for that great idea. You can see her work often in The Stringing mag.
I do not think the colors change, but you be the judge, here are a few more beads with writing on them with turquoise stringer that I pull, shoot I don't think I ever have bought a stringer other than clear..and a few other beads to give you a good show of what happens.
Ana, a stringer of solid color will be just that 'solid' it is the watery affect that I needed to achieve..VanGogh always left some of his canvas showing and so I needed some whiteish color to show through the stringer and other colors..
anyways here are more beads. Smiles Kerry

mixednut 2007-10-29 9:19pm

So nice of you to do this! Looks like fun.

Armstrong 2007-10-30 1:25pm

Ooooh, ok, now I get it. Very cool. Thanks Elly & Kerry!


ellyloo 2007-10-30 4:08pm

it's Kerry's tute. :)

I love her van gogh's.

lwilson21 2007-10-30 5:12pm

Nice tutorial---thanks! I love the Van Gogh's and Ellyloo, your bead is really pretty also.


Sarabella 2007-11-07 5:47am

Nice tutorial Kerry! Thanks for sharing it.


Kerry S. Caron 2007-11-09 8:45am

Thank you everyone. I hope it helps out for those of you that want to work with enamels. If you have any questions please pm me,, smiles Kerry

Peg Medill 2007-11-09 1:56pm

I have had my enamels for a number of years. Have the safety mask to wear and know to be careful of letting any enamel float in the air, but am still too leery of enamels. I have read so articles on the danger if not being very careful in using them. Love the look. Maybe will get brave some day. Peg M

Listenup 2007-11-10 5:06pm


Originally Posted by Kaye (Post 1455773)
why ivory?? doesn't it react with the colors or the color you use the stringer on??

I've tested all of the enamel frits (yes, they're available in frit form now, as well as the powder) and you don't get the color reactions with ivory or any of he copper containing colors like turquoise. The best way to think of the colors when you're using the enamels is that the colors are not chemical based like we usually think off, but if you think pigment based, you'll be pretty close. Mix yellow and blue frits and you actually get green.

The other Kay (but without an e) ;)

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