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deb c 2016-03-15 6:27pm

deb crowley's fish, blown vessels, seashells Glass Expo 3-30 thru 4-2!!
Hi everyone!
Come and join me for any one or more of my super fun, informative classes in 2 weeks at the Glass Craft Expo! I am teaching Crossover Torchwork for Fusers, Luster Fish, Hummingbirds and Manatees, and finally, Beg, Boro Tubing where we make small vessels (like for cremains or oils), hollow blown fish and finally, my super cool sea shell pendants!
Here is a link to my classes, most still have seats left!
See you there! deb ;)

deb c 2016-03-15 6:30pm

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Here are some photos of what we'll make ;)

artsyuno 2016-03-15 7:03pm

I just took the manatee, hummingbird and fish class and the beginning boro class from Deb a couple weeks ago. Absolutely fantastic teacher and classes. I've been practicing a bit and feel like I'm getting the hang of several things I've had nothing but problems with in the past.

deb c 2016-03-18 8:05am

Thank you Felicia!
Thank you Felicia! It sure is a fun bunch of classes! I had a great time with all you ladies!

I would love it if you posted a photo of that fabulous shell you made and how you felt about the Beg Boro Tubing class for those worried about taking it!
HUGS!!! deb ;)

artsyuno 2016-03-18 12:57pm

Sure. Let me see if I can do it from my phone or iPad. Otherwise, tonight when I get home.

artsyuno 2016-03-18 1:07pm

Here's the shell I made in class. I've been completely tubing and Boro challenged and I feel like I finally got a bit of a hang of both blowing the bubble and how to heat and pull. I'm super happy with how this came out and feeling more hopeful about trying to do other things with tubing.

On the soft glass side, I learned so much about pulling out sculptural appendages! I've never been able to do fins and tails and I'm getting it now (and, also, how to apply dichro without a ton of scum) - how, to heat and when to pull. I blew up the face of the fish I made in class, but made two last weekend. The first also cracked in the face (I'm taking too long to get the tails done), but I was able to pull it off and pull the face back out. The second was crack free until I dropped the prior fish on it on my kitchen counter and broke off a fin. LOL. I was happy with my tail and fins, though.

I need very specific instruction and I need to understand why I'm doing something a certain way in order for it to stick in my head and Deb gives great instruction on both, plus lots of drawings. The classes had great progression. We started with relatively simple projects in each class and then moved onto more complex ones that utilized the skills we had already learned. Each project in each class builds on the one before so that the last project (that may have seemed insurmountable at the beginning of the day), seems do-able by the time you get to it.

deb c 2016-03-21 9:54am

This shell is fabulous Felicia!!!! I am so proud, especially since the class was full and I got less time with each person. I sure hope you keep making them!
Also doing facial reconstruction instead of giving up is awesome, you learn way more and that helps you remember to keep things hot! Would love to see a pic of your fish beads when you get a chance too!
BIG hugs!!!

artsyuno 2016-03-21 8:14pm

I've made several fish and like parts of each of them. Still waiting to get one completely right. LOL. I watched parts of your fish tutorial yesterday in between attempts - watched the tail and back of the body pull out and then came in and watched the tail shaping.

deb c 2016-03-24 8:11am

Great Felicia, glad it is helping! Looking forward to seeing some of you LE peeps next week in Vegas, please come by the classroom and say hi! Or my booth on Sunday.

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