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deb c 2011-03-04 8:45am

Glass Stock West at Eugene Glass School Sept 1-4rth
Glass Stock West, wooohoooo!

It will be at Eugene Glass School over Labor Day weekend. The event will be 4 days, Thursday Sept 1st through Sunday, Sept 4rth, 2011!

The featured artists are Bandhu Dunham and Margaret Zinser!!! We also have an outstanding support staff that will be teaching too! More information at and click on Glass Stock West page.

The cost will be $550 for the 4 days with 6 classes, 4 open torch nights, a barbeque the last night, that is only $140 a day for super great classes and festivities from 9 am to 10pm!

We are working on instructors classes now, we have most of the classes for this year up now except Margaret's. we will have those soon. The page will be under construction for the next few weeks while I get all the classes we are offering up for review.

PLEASE sign up for entry BY May 6th by emailing your name, phone number and email address to and we will notify folks that weekend about payment and class selections times/dates. Do not use last years email entry address as this has been abandoned, every year we use a new email address to keep things current!

I am so excited, this is going to be great and it is a perfect venue for us! Glass Stock (West) was held at Eugene Glass School this last Labor Day and was a HUGE success, it was fabulous!

More details soon, you can use link below to get to my website!

Hope to see you there!
deb and the GS West team

glasswhimz 2011-03-04 9:58am

Way to much fun!! Hope I get in!

artsyuno 2011-03-04 11:24am

Is it September yet?

How about now?

HannahRachel 2011-03-08 8:25pm

From Deb's website:

The sign up is now open for GS West, 2011, read on for how to enter!

Come and join us for the 9th annual Glass Stock 2011! A sharing, collaborating event which has run for 8 years on the Oregon Coast by Deb Crowley and many other fantastic artists with much success! From a small gathering of 30 of Deb's friends in 2003 to almost 90 in attendance in 2010, this event has grown in popularity with artists willing to teach and share for the opportunity to do the same. It is a chance to get "out of the box" and learn new skills, get priceless feedback and inspiration.

Glass Stock West 2010 was such a huge success that Eugene Glass School and the GSWest team are excited for us to come back again for GS West in 2011, woohoo! It will be in Eugene, OR on Labor Day weekend, Sept 1st-4th, 2011.

The price for the 4 day event is $550. This includes 6 half day classes, all supplies, plus open torches, evening festivities and Sunday evening auction. A few classes like wire wrapping and PMC (Silver clay) will have fees, most classes will not have any additional fees. We will have a Meet and Greet to start things off on Wednesday night before event begins! A list of nearby lodgings will be posted soon, there are several hotels/motels in the area. Hot, yummy meals will be available from the Master Chef Saeed at EGS for a very good price right at the venue! Lodgings and food are NOT included in tuition!

There will be a lottery draw for the 45 spots as usual. We will draw names on Saturday, May 7th, 2011 with notification going out on May 8th via GS West Newsletter. Information on payments will be in that newsletter, we will accept payments on Saturday, June 4rth, follow instructions in newsletter. More information will be emailed in monthly newsletter on payments and class selections after the names are drawn.

Hot shop classes will be treated as an "excursion", with fee of $50 each
per 6 students as an add on. Eugene Glass School will be handling these hot shop classes directly, all payments go directly to the school. More on that soon!

Featured artists are Bandhu Dunham and Margaret Zinser!

Over 50 different classes to chose from with flameworking, glassblowing, fusing, etching, coldworking as well as wire-wrapping, PMC, Kaiser Lee Board slumping, copper enameling and much more!

Sign up for the 9th Annual GS West is NOW open, enter only once please.


Glass Stock West 2011 is sure to be an event you'll remember long after it is over!

deb c 2011-03-16 7:22pm

Thanks Hannah!
She went in and cleaned up the webpage REALLY nice! Thank you Hannah!

It is ALL I can do to just get new info up every year!

Now to get East's line up going....hopefully before I leave for Vegas!

Both events are looking GREAT, don't forget to enter by the drawing dates listed!
Hugs, deb and the GS teams

artsyuno 2011-03-18 9:50am

The website looks great!

krisb16 2011-03-20 11:09am

There are so many great glasses to choose from! Lots of great teachers for all levels, and so many good torch and non-torch classes. It's going to be hard to choose...

Be sure and get your email lottery entry to Deb!

Here's the link for GS West:

LAJ 2011-03-20 12:39pm

So bummed I have to miss it again this year! Who gets married on Labor Day weekend?? UGH! Love the kids, but would much rather be melting glass with you all!

Is it too early to plan for 2012?? :hide:

Karen Hardy 2011-03-20 2:51pm

My favorite yearly event! I'll be there teaching again!!!
Last year will be way hard to top. The band was AMAZING!!!

artsyuno 2011-03-20 6:33pm

Loved the band!

HannahRachel 2011-03-21 4:51pm

I missed the band last year. Looking forward to a little more time at the event this year.

Some of the links on the website were broken - if you were having trouble with them, they should be fixed now.

Deb - the fishie arrived in the mail before my weekend classes and show. Its AMAZING.

artsyuno 2011-03-21 6:10pm

The band made very fun background music for torching.


So bummed I have to miss it again this year! Who gets married on Labor Day weekend?? UGH! Love the kids, but would much rather be melting glass with you all!
As I've told you, you need to keep better control over your friends and family. :(

LAJ 2011-03-21 9:16pm

It's not even MY kids! The nerve! :rolleyes: I wish I could get out of it, but I can't. We were in lamaze class together so that's 30 years.....GULP!

Next year, come hell or high water, I'm coming!! My son's getting married 8/5 (GULP!!) & I will be ready to partay!! \\:D/\\:D/\\:D/

brendah 2011-03-21 9:51pm

woo hoo!! I got my lottery application in back in December! Had to go back and make sure since I can't remember anything more than 5 seconds ago. At work I call that my 5 second rule.

Deb, sent you a PM!


HannahRachel 2011-05-05 9:16am


deb c 2011-05-07 12:29pm

Well, we will be having that same band (hopefully.... awaiting confirmation) but I am going to try my best to make this year even better. I will say it is getting hard to top it each year, but with Margaret Zinser and Bandhu, well, let's just say I am super excited too!
We will be notifying attendees (and scholarships) this Sunday night with a newsletter from GSWest. It will have payment options and class sign up info. Please save this for your records! Please also preview the classes up now, schedule will be posted in the next 2 weeks.

Get ready everyone, payments and sign up begin Sat, June 4rth at 9am PST!

Hope to see all of you there!
Hugs and happiness from deb and the GSWest team!

Crazy Woman 2011-05-07 7:43pm

I am sooooooo going to miss you all this year. Hugs!

artsyuno 2011-05-07 9:06pm

Leslie, :(

Karen Hardy 2011-05-07 11:05pm


Originally Posted by Crazy Woman (Post 3522360)
I am sooooooo going to miss you all this year. Hugs!

Major suckage! Will miss your beautiful face, and your dashingly handsome

Crazy Woman 2011-05-08 5:59am

I'm so sad :-( but know that we will be there in spirit. Or if I win the lotto!

rusticstudio 2011-05-08 10:34am

You guys aren't coming this year??!!
NOoooo! We're going to miss you big time.

deb c 2011-05-08 11:38am

Les and Chuck,
We are really going to miss you guys this year, but I do understand your choices and they were the right ones. We are so proud of you branching out and showing the world just how talented you both are!

We will send lots of pictures and keep you updated!
Love and miss you!
deb and the crew

papimom 2011-05-08 12:43pm

Wish I was coming back, but I need to be here for my Mom this time. Next year I may get to return.
I hope you all have another fabulous time.

brendah 2011-05-09 12:00am

oh gosh! I can't wait! I'm trying to learn some new techniques so I can actually demo a real bead this time. PPP for me :)

Vitesse6 2011-05-09 11:49am

Yea it begins!

Vitesse6 2011-05-09 11:53am

But Leslie...I'll miss you

Vanityfaire 2011-05-09 12:04pm

Well not sure if this is the place to post...but I am going to Glass Stock....weeeeeeee I am so excited. I love this event.

bakedpeach 2011-05-09 12:45pm

Count me in TOO !!! I so excited to be going back ! Miss seeing you Leslie and Joan !
Hey Michelle, we'll have to have a few coffees together !

MelanieG 2011-05-09 1:41pm

I am also excited to be attending again. I had so much fun last year -- I can't wait!

Vitesse6 2011-05-09 2:29pm

I am ALWAYS up for coffee Penny!
It was such a great time last year, I didn't want to leave!

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