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beauxbead 2010-01-28 10:54am

April 28-May 2 Sage, Tom, Vanessa, Beau

Beadmaking and soft Glass sculpture with Beau Anderson, Sage, Vanessa Bunet and ancient glasss slide shows by Tom Holland in the evenings for the all around bead scholar experiance. We will enjoy a massive list of techniques. Beau, Tom and Sage have reciently been included in the new printing of the History of Beads book by Lois Sherr Dubin.

Come visit the beautiful Meadowcreek Vally near FOX AR.

We provide food and lodging for April 28-may 2, 2010. Participants can arrive the day before and depart the day after for a total of 5 days 6 nights. Special arrangements can be made for longer visits. For more info email Beau at or call 870 363 4890

vanessa bunet 2010-02-05 8:04am

4 spaces left
Still 4 places left for this years ticket to beadmakers heaven.

sage 2010-02-16 2:28pm

Come together for bead magic
Recommended by the following heavy hitter beadmakers ,Libby Leuchtmen
Kim Fields , Dustin Tabor , Stephanie Sersich ,Terri Casperi Scmidt , and more , Beadmaking that puts the magic in the eyes of the beadholder

Libby L. 2010-02-16 5:36pm

Yep it sure is recommended by a lot of beadmakers!
The best class I ever took and the most I ever learned were under the watchful eye of
Sage, Tom and Beau.

beauxbead 2010-02-28 8:11pm

2 Spaces Avalable
2 Spaces Available
A few last reminders

We will have all of Nortell's torches Available for the evolving artists>

from Minor's to Rockets>

We will try to pry you away from the torch between 12 and 2am>

We will pick you up and drop you off at the Little Rock airport>

We will feed your body with hand made meals that feed your needs
and your brain with new and ancient techniques>

So bring your swimming suit if you like swimming in spring fed
rivers and hiking shoes if you like hiking through wild flower trails.

Learn enough techniques to last a lifetime-master them
Then create your own!

beauxbead 2010-03-10 1:22pm

We have a date change for this class 26-30th now
We have a date change for this class witch is better for our currently enrolled glasstronots> 26-30th
Maybe this will make it possible for you too!

Still 2 open seats>:!:

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