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R4GlassStudio 2011-04-13 9:19am

Marble class with Ron Bearer Jr in Florida
Hi Everyone!
I have been getting lots of requests for a marble class so I thought I would put it out there to see what month it should be?
PM me...

R4GlassStudio 2011-04-18 12:06pm

Thanks for all the PMs. It looks like we are going to run Two "One Day" classes sometime this summer. The Saturday class will be marbles and the Sunday class will be on flower sculptures and Fish sculptures.
There will be another MarbleClass offered at Kathy Trubas Glass Studio in Deland, Florida sometime this summer as well. We are still working on the dates.
If there are other studios interested in a marble class, please let me know.

tweeky clothespin 2011-04-27 8:26am

Do you have dates for this yet?

R4GlassStudio 2011-04-29 5:31am

We have some international classes in June, so as soon as we fine tune those dates , we will set the times for these.

dweezil 2011-04-29 5:44am

I'm stalking and I'm stalking.:hide:


tweeky clothespin 2011-05-11 2:38pm

Ron did you forget about this? I keep checking back and no news :cry: I will need dates soon so I can make reservations and arrangements.

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