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FlameTree Glass 2011-06-21 10:35am

Mad Man Marbles Workshop at FlameTree in August!
Class Title: Mad Man Multi Twist Marbles Workshop
Class fee: $75.00
Instructor: Joe Schlemmer
Date of Class: Aug 6, 2011 Sat 12-4pm

Class Description:
Joe Schlemmer of Mad Man Marble will be here to teach some of his fabulous marble making techniques. In this class you will learn to make multi twist marbles, using borosilicate glass. Use of dichroic for that added sparkle will be covered. Plenty of hands on practice and lecture on proper heat management with punty work will be discussed. Some lampworking skills required.
See you at The FlameTree in Historic Roswell, Georgia!

FlameTree Glass 2011-06-21 10:36am

Click below link for pix of marbles you will make in this class!
FlameTree Glass Staff

Cosmo 2011-06-22 7:36am

I haven't had a chance to see my good friend Joe in a while, but he'll be a great teacher. If anyone is interested in making marbles, this would be a good class to take...

FlameTree Glass 2011-06-28 5:56pm

Thanks for the shout out Cosmo! Joe is a wonderful marble maker and a heck of a nice guy as well!
Hope you are doing great!
Best Regards,
Lance Mac.

FlameTree Glass 2011-07-11 7:38pm

Don't forget about my buddy Joe teaching Mad Man Multi Twist Marbles Workshop at FlameTree Glass!
This class coming up soon!
So if you love marbles and haven't signed up, call today! 1-888-FLAMETREE (352-6387)
Lance Mac.
FlameTree Glass, Inc.

FlameTree Glass 2011-07-14 3:20pm

Joe's Class still has a few seats left! Call today 1-888-FLAMETREE

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