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Three Muses Glass 2018-08-05 12:37pm

looking for old NS experimental
I'm looking for an old NS experimental called Shiny. It's a very, very pale peach color rod. Not particularly shiny. :lol: Turned almost clear when thinned. Will trade DAP for some, may be 1st or odds, no seconds. Straight trade.

Long shot, I know; but it doesn't hurt to ask. :)

dragonart glass 2018-08-06 8:15am

Rebecca I have some of that! Maybe almost a pound. I may have gotten it at the same glass stock that you were at in Newport way back when. I just left town for about ten days but I will happily send it to you when I get back. I never found a way to use it that I liked, and it just sits there taunting me. I'd be so happy to send it to you when I get home! I probably still have your address too, but if not I'll pm you. If you don't hear from me by the 20th please remind me.

Three Muses Glass 2018-08-06 8:59am

Was it that long ago?!? My gosh. :jawdrop: Yes, yes, yes!!! Hope you're having a great time where ever you are. Please think about what you'd like in trade if you're not all that into DAP, K?

dragonart glass 2018-08-06 9:11am

No worries on what you send! I use it all...well almost all. I knew there was a reason I hadn't gotten rid of it yet!

Three Muses Glass 2018-08-06 9:23am

Oooh a surprise pack for you then! \\:D/

dragonart glass 2018-08-06 9:46am

<3 Ooh love that!! I'll let you know when I send it, and how much there is when I do.

Three Muses Glass 2018-08-06 12:54pm

Great! We'll chat when you get back! \\:D/

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