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lripster 2005-10-19 2:07pm

Ebrium Pink Boro - Bubbleglass?
Hi all,

Tink's auction reminded me of a question I have about some boro I've been playing with. Is the pink Ebrium boro this sort of bubbleglass? Or am I doing something horribly wrong with it. It's full of tiny bubbles. It looks pretty cool, but I'm curious as to whether the bubbles are part of its charm or my newbie mistake! :???:

Thanks for any info you can provide.


Cosmo 2005-10-19 2:17pm

A lot of the boro tints and colors like Erubium Pink bubble up when in a large area. I've tried working them cooler, hotter, and with different flames, and haven't been able to make them melt bubble-free...

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