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ccaronn 2015-07-07 5:28pm

Labels on glass rods
Ok, go ahead and laugh at my expense, I deserve it: I've started at least 5 tiny fires by getting too close to the flame with some short rods with their labels attached. Should I just pitch the short rods or does anyone know what I can use to get the damn labels off so I can attach the short rods to punties? TIA!

echeveria 2015-07-07 5:35pm

I peel off what I can, then take the residue off with alcohol, and weld the shorts into each other. That's one of the things I do while my kiln ramps down.

ccaronn 2015-07-07 6:14pm

Sounds good, thanks, echeveria!

Speedslug 2015-07-07 6:37pm

I just label two rods out of my stash.
One for the bench and one to keep in the cubbyhole with the rest so I don't lose track.

Then I just weld a new rod to the stub of the old one with the stag left on it.

ccaronn 2015-07-07 7:24pm

Great idea, thanks, Speedslug!

Curly Irish Girl 2015-07-08 7:21am

GooGone removes the adhesive and then clean Rod w alcohol!

ROC 2015-07-08 7:57am

WD40 works for me to remove adhesive - similar to Goo Gone. But since I'm lazy, I usually write on the rod with a Sharpie. Silver for darker rods and black for lighter. It burns off.

artwhim 2015-07-08 9:31am

Burning labels is a bad thing? :lol: I pull off what I can and burn the rest. I don't use the weld on transparent glass because it often will cause bubbles and opaque doesn't seem to mind any residue getting burned. If there is, I just bury it in the bead. Years ago I would have carefully cleaned them but now believe in the point of diminishing returns. :lol:

28676bhe 2015-07-08 10:06am

I burn it off opaques, too, and use that end for the beginning of my bead. i'm lazy......!

kmd 2015-07-09 1:37am

No more labels
If you're having a slow day, toss all your labelled shorts into a bowl with warm to hot water and a dash of kitchen surface spray. That will shift the labels, by the time the water is cool. So you'll have a bunch of unlabelled shorts. If you can remember what the colours are, write on them with a Sharpie, or stick them on the end of a matching rod.

caliente 2015-07-09 5:18am

I use removable return address labels to label all my rods. They peel off cleanly and easily when I'm down to the end. The bonus is I can run them through the printer for a sheet of my common colours so I don't have to write it all out.

They are occasionally a bit finicky to stick on but they roll around to stick to themselves. if the rods are particularly greasy, I give them a rub with a towel before labelling. They rarely fall off.

ccaronn 2015-07-09 8:35am

You guys are the best. Thank you so much for giving me a few laughs and some great advice!

CreativeSpirit 2015-07-10 8:46am

easy way is to simply soak the rods in water over night and they just slide off no problem!

Peace Wendy

Eileen 2015-07-10 12:41pm

I've been lazy and just scraped them off with a knife, and burning any residue if I don't plan ahead and remove them before I start my bead and need to use that piece.

2DogsPhoto 2015-07-11 6:23pm

I've gotten lots of shorts with labels and hands down, the easiest solution I found was to put a bunch in a big mason jar. Cover with water and microwave until the water is boiling. Once it's cooled some, I drain off the water (which turns dark from the ink) refill the jar with hot tap water. And as you pull the shorts out mostly the labels will just wipe right off.

Eileen 2015-07-11 7:49pm

But then you don't know what they are, right? Unless it's the obvious ones I mean.

theglasspilcrow 2015-07-12 5:46am

Cim Labels peel off easily after being soaked in warn water for just a little while. I'm going to try that mason jar in the microwave trick!

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